A few months ago, 43 McDonald's outlets were temporarily shut down due to a failure in the renewal of the license. This came as a shock for a lot of college students, like me, who are perennially broke. The idea of living without our survival kit of Fries and Cold Coffee Float was very depressing. But, it's time to rejoice, because 18 outlets have reopened on Tuesday.

According to the Hindustan Times report, 18 out of the closed 43 outlets in the capital city have been reopened after a meeting of Connaught Place Restaurant Pvt. Ltd. (CPRL) which was conducted last Sunday. The license of 21 outlets of the burger chain have been renewed and 18 of them have resumed operating.

“After the termination of the franchise agreement with CPRL {responsible for operations of McDonald’s outlets in North & East India}, the latter cannot legally run McDonald’s outlets. We will continue to take steps to exercise our legal and contractual rights. At this point we do not have additional details to share,” the spokesperson said.

Kartik Sharma

CPRL declared that this decision was taken keeping in mind the best interest of the employees, landlords and all the stakeholders. Well, this indeed is a good news for all the money broke people, who can now stop their search for an affordable option.

Mc Flurry and Cold Coffee Float, I'm coming!