Hauz Khas Village is a one stop destination for all kinds of people. And if you're reading this, you must have been to Hauz Khas Village at least once in your life- be it for a quiet sophisticated brunch, for stocking up on cool aesthetic photos, or to let your hair down for a wild weekend. The affectionately abbreviated HKV has become a signifier for a typical South Delhi clubbing culture. The bars and restaurants especially seem attractive to a large chunk of the youth, due to a continuous flow of drinks, music and discount offers. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it's time to bid adieu to several of these joints as recently, the government ordered a sealing on 21 of them, and these bars and restaurants shut down in HKV. 

Yes, we're as shocked as you are.


Turns out that 21 outlets in this locality were violating pollution laws, of which they were notified three months back too. Staying true to their devil-may-care attitude, the outlet owners ignored this notice. Now this time the Delhi Pollution Control Committee was damn serious, and they were given prompt orders to immediately seal the outlets in question. What's more, the water and power supply of these joints will be disconnected.

What Were Their Violations?  

They were unhygienic AF! Apparently, their sewage systems were not in place, and the sewers were not robust enough to carry waste from the kitchens (Y-U-C-K). The situation was highly suspicious. Many kitchens didn't even have grease taps, which basically means they weren't properly segregating their waste. Some restaurants served diners in disposable plates too, which isn't allowed. They were violating actual water and air laws, all this while running their joints at the cost of the environment. 

Finally, Who Are The Culprits? 

Following are the bars and restaurants which have been sealed: 

1. Welcome Point 

2. Food Factory By Lalit

3. The Big Burp Theory 

4. Bombay Velvet 

5. Ali Baba Caves

6. Wow Momo 

7. The Village Balcony

8. The Frat House

9. Rehab Gastro Pub 

10. Levels

11. ABC Reloaded

12. Capsule By Pink Room

13. Chaayos

14. Play@30 

15. New York Slice

16. ELF Cafe And Lounge

17. Speedy Chef

18. Bull Dogs

19. Darjeeling Kitchen 

20. Wai Wai City

21. Hi5H

Do you spot any of your favourites here?