Convenience. The three syllable word that makes a college student’s world go round. It’s 2 am on a Tuesday and you NEED that 7 topping pizza, welcome to the beauty of delivery. Struggling to stay awake in that 8am lecture? Boom, Starbucks on campus. The ability to get exactly what you “need” when you need it is one of the many beauties of the adult-ish lives we live.

MSU understands this, that sometimes you “literally can’t even” walk to the cafeteria, and they delivered. Introducing your new best friend, the on-the-go food trucks. These bad boys set up shop around campus, Monday through Friday, serving up the burgers, grilled cheeses, and everything else of your dreams.

So here’s the breakdown of what you need to know to plan your cafeteria vaca and take advantage of this truly invaluable student resource. Hint- read this while listening to Eye Of The Tiger for full effect.

Location, location, location.

Unless you are always far, far away from campus (Stay strong Hubbard residents) you pass the Auditorium and Wells Hall on the daily. Fortunately this is also the home of the food trucks from 11:30 am to 2 pm. Swing by on your way to and from North campus or after that 300 person lecture you yik-yaked through.

Now the Red Cedar stretch, between Brody and Shaw, is no longer where hungry students go to die. Instead they get to eat food cooked in a truck. I mean, what more could you want in life.

That Money Thing.

food truck

Photo by Patrick Lee

As a fellow broke college student, I understand the physical pain that occurs every time a card swipes or cash leaves your hands. And so does MSU, kind of, not really. Well, they at least understand enough to make the food truck a Combo X-Change option. With the choice of an entrée, side, and drink for “free”, this is 1000x better than one of those Sparty’s sandwiches that stays good for a suspiciously long amount of time.

For those without the miracle of combos, the food is moderately priced at $6-7 for the main dish and $1 for most sides and drinks. 99 problems and living off campus is one.


Let’s be real, if the food isn’t great then “Bye Felicia.” Good thing every item they have will be the highlight of your day. Each truck always has the staples of the burger and grilled cheese, and rotates weekly specials into the menu. This ensures that no two trips to the truck are the same, and there’s always something new to enjoy.

Here are the menu items to keep in mind when you step up to the order:

The Cheeseburger

food truck

Photo by Patrick Lee

Mine was the New Classic, and won hands down for audience favorite. With MSU Bennett Farms beef, house-made beer cheese, and original recipe ketchup, this cheeseburger can replace my boyfriend any day. It has all the makings of a great burger and doesn’t disappoint, Crunchy’s should watch its back.

The Grilled Cheese

food truck

Photo by Patrick Lee

My personal favorite, this isn’t just any grilled cheese, this is the toasted bread and cheddar of the gods. With Gruyere and Provolone cheeses, roasted red peppers, MSU Student Organic Farm spinach pesto, and a side of tomato basil dipping sauce, its like a party, sans the burning couches, in your mouth.

Al Pastor Tacos

food truck

Photo by Patrick Lee

This flavorful dish was one of the weekly specials, and a great way to change it up from “the usual.” The tacos kept it simple with slow roasted pork in hand pressed tortillas, topped with pickled red onions and chopped cilantro. They were the perfect late-lunch pick me up and a must-try when they reappear on the menu.

Late Night

Arguably the best time to visit the food truck, 9pm to midnight is when things get real. They bring out the buffalo wings, with ranch dipping sauce of course, and already sleep-deprived students, fueling up for that all nighter, can’t get enough. Whether you’re into eating after 9pm or not (you are) late night at the truck is a thing, so get out there and show them what a real Spartan looks like.

There it is, every bit of info you need to make that visit to the on-the-go truck flawless. Try all the items on the menu, both daily and late night, and celebrate the gift of convenience with food from a truck.

For more info on current weekly specials, hours, and locations, check out this link or follow @EatAtState on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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