Finding an amazing cake shop has always been a struggle for me, especially since I've just moved to Ottawa, Canada with little clue of the cake scene here. That changed when I was introduced to Three Tarts

Three Tarts opened up in downtown Ottawa since 1996 and recently moved to the Glebe, a Carleton-friendly location. This now gives you an excuse to buy a cake or tart for a special occasion or just to #treatyoself.

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Ben Sharer

As you enter this bakery, you're greeted by a scrumptious yet chic set of pastry selections, ranging from cakes, tarts, cookies, macaron, and buns. Everything in here is lined up neatly with descriptions, making it easy for you to pick and choose your choice of pastry.

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Ben Sharer

While most tarts I've tried have a really crusty and crumbly base, Three Tarts does their base differently. The tart's foundation are much sturdier, which allows you to eat in peace without worrying about crumb fallout. Throughout the week, they have different flavours of tarts, so one day you might pop in and find a Creamy Milk Tart, the next day, you might see Raisin Buttertarts.

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Ben Sharer

If you're an absolute tart lover, love sharing tarts, or enjoy eating large portions of tarts by yourself, head down to Three Tart for some massive tarts. Three Tart has tarts from 7'' to 11" so again, if you're feeling like a tart, there's no shortage here.

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Ben Sharer

If you ask me whether I'd want a birthday party or an amazing birthday cake, I'd say the latter. That's how much I love cake. I'm so thankful to have found Three Tarts because I've finally found somewhere I can indulge in great cakes. When we were there, Three Tarts had a bunch of cakes, ready-to-go. It took me so long to decide on two slices because they all looked so good.

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Ben Sharer

If that isn't an incentive enough, all the treats you see there are made in the store. This means the goods here are baked fresh and I must say, I love the smell of freshly baked buns. Unfortunately, we only tried the sticky bun and true to its name, the bun is very sticky. It took me awhile to tear it in half, no joke. 

Another reason to check out Three Tarts is to check out its seasonal menu. Over the past few months, Three Tarts has been churning out all its Fall-themed pastries with pumpkin, carrot, and pear-based treats, which comes in all sorts of colours and designs. It makes me want to buy everything and turn the treats into decor because I'd feel bad eating such wonderful pieces of art.

With winter coming, expect some lovely Christmas-themed and winter treats.

Being spoilt for choice, you might find yourself in a bind picking only one dessert. So do what I did if you want and reward yourself with a hearty box, or indulge in the spirit of giving and purchase to share them.