1. Jack’s Wife Freda

Jack’s Wife Freda serves up American – Mediterranean inspired faire in a cute intimate bistro setting. Jack’s Wife Freda offers many selections that will entice any foodie to try. While there are a variety of delicious options on the menu, my favorite by far is the chicken kebab entree. This entree consists of tender marinated chicken, well seasoned couscous, and brightly colored chopped salad. Anything ordered at Jack’s Wife Freda not only is delicious but atheistically pleasing to the eye. Your followers on Instagram will thank you!


2. The Smith

The Smith is one of my favorite restaurants in New York City. It offers a selection of tasty options that will satisfy even the pickiest of diners. My favorite dishes on the menu are the salmon tartar on crispy rice for my appetizer, shrimp with grits for my main course, and of course the signature s’mores jar for dessert. Anything that you order off the Smith’s menu will not disappoint your stomach as well as your Insta feed. The Smith not only gives you the opportunity of snapping a picture of beautifully plated food but allows you to take pictures of you and your party at the Photo Booth in the bathroom. What more could you ask for?!?

3. Dough Doughnuts

Dough Doughnuts are hands down in my opinion the best doughnuts in New York City and beyond. The doughnuts are buttery yeast doughnuts that are filled with flavor upon every bite. These huge yeast doughnuts come in a variety of flavors. The options range from simple glazed doughnuts to more exotic cafè au lait  (which are my favorite and coconut doughnuts). Eating a Dough Doughnut is a life changing experience. Once you eat Dough, you can never go back!