Tacos: we love them, we eat them, we even gave them a day of the week to celebrate them and consume them in large quantities, and as all true taco lovers know, any excuse to try a new taco is a good one. Located on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, Trejos Tacos is the latest greatest taco joint to check out.

Opened by the actor Danny Trejo in 2015, Trejos Tacos offers a very unique, very Hollywood, taco experience. You can dine cozy inside, our out on the communal style picnic tables and enjoy a very LA view of cars passing by as you sip your horchata.

More than just a pretty space, the food is legit.

The menu is small but enticing and each item is made with fresh, quality ingredients that enhance the presentation and flavor of each dish; the guacamole is topped with fresh pistachios. Need I say more?

Trejos Tacos

Photo by Emily Kirsch

The tacos are gourmet in appearance and taste, from their blackened salmon taco with cherry tomatoes, white corn, slaw, cilantro and orange cream to the fried chicken taco in a lettuce wrap with slaw, pico de gallo and a chipotle cream.

Even the classic tacos have a unique twist, like their grilled steak taco with toasted pepita pesto.

Vegetarian or vegan? No problem, there is still a taco in your future. You can choose the tofu taco with caramelized shallots and/or the rainbow cauliflower taco with cashew cream. Even the carnivores might want to get in on those.

If for some reason you’re not feeling like a taco on taco Tuesday, try the shrimp tostada paired with a side of Spanish rice. It’s the perfect mix of healthy and carb-tastic.

If the tacos aren’t enough to lure you in, the novelty of the experience should get you excited. Who knows, you might even have a celebrity sighting while you enjoy your tacos.