If your grab-and-go muffin is no longer cutting it, you might want to check out Covent Garden's cutest hidden Swedish bakery, Bageriet. A stone's throw away from Covent Garden's piazza, this Nordic gem offers a sweet escape from the bustling theatre crowds. Since its opening in 2013, Bageriet has been met with nothing but rave reviews, and has even become a fierce contender for the best cinnamon buns in London. If you're still in doubt, pop in one afternoon for some coffee and a few decadent pastries (or, as the Swedish like to call it, fika). Here's why this Scandinavian hideaway will make you feel right at home.

1) The aesthetics are stellar.

While Bageriet's interior might not be known for being overly spacious, it more than makes up for its sparse tables with the quality of its baked goods. The prinsesstårta, arguably Sweden's most widely known cake, is a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds. Bakers Daniel Karlsson and Sven-Gunnar Appelgren know how to make a treat that both looks and tastes amazing. No one will judge you for taking a snap for your Instagram!

2) The menu is varied.

Even if you're approaching Bageriet as a complete newcomer to Swedish goods, you can guarantee you won't go hungry with the array of treats available. Alongside their cakes, they also display a medley of biscuits and pretzels for those who want to branch out without risking their portion size. Although a sweet tooth is advised, Bageriet offers a selection of savoury specials for those who, for some reason, just aren't up for some semla.

3) The atmosphere is laid-back.

Yes, the cakes are delicious, and the pastries are generally artisanal, but Bageriet is also homely and unpretentious, providing a cosy spot for those who want a casual retreat from the commercial centre. The café is a breath of fresh air from the dripping-with-extravagance hotspots most treat-seekers will flock to and offers the perfect balance of decadence and relaxation. 

4) The packaged goods will inspire your next present.

While Bageriet offers takeaway boxes and is open to online orders, you can also find some cheap and convenient gift options that are a little unexpected. Whether it's for family, friends, or even yourself, you can take a little piece of Bageriet home with you to last. Their packaged biscuits are also an easy way to amp up an at-home study session with a mug of your favourite tea—so save some for when you're craving a pick-me-up!

5) The staff are super festive.

...And not just at Christmas. Bageriet is known for its enthusiastic outlook and celebratory attitude all year round. They'll decorate for all the major holidays and they'll also teach you something new by heralding Swedish traditions (including the curious 'vacuum cleaner' cake!).

With its close proximity to London's central campuses, there's really nothing stopping you from venturing into this cute and sociable café, filled with enough sugar to power you through even your longest days. And while the price range isn't too steep, the treats are decadent enough (in taste and appearance) to make you feel truly indulged.