Here is a senario where it is lunch time and you are craving something sweet but savory. There are many different and creative dishes to help satisfy your craving that you can make at home, one that I'm helping you out with today involved sweet and juicy peaches. 


When you think of a sandwich, the traditional white bread, meat, cheese, lettcuse and tomato image pops into mind, at least that's the plain image I alwasy get in my head. Although that's a simple but great sandwich, there are ways to incoporate items that you usually won't put in your lunch that will make you look like a chef. 

Include Peaches

Peaches have been incorporated into making creative dishes, like salads, oatmeal, BBQs, and more. Using this fruit adds a nice balance between sweet and savory that can fulfill those cravings.

A few years ago, my mom and I traveled out to Paris, France on a budget. We decided to go a local market to see what we can make for dinner and have leftovers for the next day. We wanted a sandwich, so we picked up a baguette, prosciutto, arugula, tomato, brie, and of course, a peach.

Being Budget Friendly

If you're a college student, or generally anyone who is not showering in money like Mr. Krabs, we need to stay within budget when it comes to food. So if you happen to be a foodie on a budget, you might think that means you have to be deprived from amazing food, but that's a false assumption!

Even this simple, yet delicious, sandwich is super affordable. This fed both my mom and I when we were on a budget when traveling, so this would be great recipe to put together when you're eating at home. Don't deprive yourself and buy packets of ramen or cereal all the time, get creative.