Earls Bar and Kitchen is a Canadian chain that recently opened up a restaurant in Boston’s Prudential center, the go-to shopping center for local Bostonians and college students alike. When my roommate (a proud Canadian) and I heard that an Earls was opening up in Boston, she immediately started to rave about how Earls is a Canadian favorite with some of the most delicious food at a great price. After hearing such incredible reviews, I of course had to check it out for myself.

Stepping into Earls Prudential is like going to one of New York’s chicest restaurants.

With a modern and sleek look but fun and classy atmosphere, Earls is great for lunch with your friends or dinner with your parents. Their multi-floor location features their renowned Cocktail Lab on the first floor where they serve up some signature drinks, such as their six variations of an Old Fashioned. The second floor includes their main dining area, as well as a three-season rooftop patio, which has quickly become one of the most coveted spots for their weekend brunch crowds.

Maddie Levy

The restaurant fully embraces its Boston location, with a lot of their art coming from artists who, at some point in their lives, called Boston home. Another stand-out art piece in the restaurant is a mural that pays homage to all things Boston (a.k.a. the Celtics, beer, the Charles River, lobster, and traffic).

High-quality meals ranging from $12-25.

One of the biggest wow factors for this restaurant is that it is as affordable as it is chic. Earls serves top of the line meals ranging anywhere from 12 to 25 dollars, which is pretty hard to find in cities, and definitely something I can afford on my ~college budget~. It’s no wonder why Earls has been the talk of the town, and I couldn't agree more.

Spoon's Chef's Table with Assistant Chef Jeff Wilson

The Executive Board of Spoon’s chapter at Northeastern had the awesome opportunity to talk to Earls Assistant Chef Jeff Wilson and sample a variety of the restaurant's signature dishes (spoiler alert: they were all delicious and I’m getting hungry again just thinking about it).

Did I eat enough to feed a family of four? For sure. Do I regret anything? Absolutely not. Here’s some of our favorite dishes of the night:

Ashley Marino
Ashley Marino
Ashley Marino

The best thing about Earls Kitchen and Bar is that it has something for everybody. They have menu options that range from avocado toast to rib-eye steak to sushi to curry, and each dish is executed flawlessly. This restaurant really is a jack of all trades, and even the pickiest of eaters (we all have that friend) will find something that they will love!

Overall, I have never met more accommodating, genuine, and passionate people in a restaurant. Earls Bar and Kitchen is a fantastic place that truly values each customer, and I personally could not dine there enough. If you have not yet headed over to Prudential Center to try it, bring all of your friends, because it is quickly becoming one of Boston's favorite restaurants.