Vegan food for many brings to mind wheatgrass shots, almonds and coconut water. Coming from a former vegetarian and current pescatarian, who's longest stint of veganism was six months, I can tell you that this is very untrue. However, it can be hard to find tasty options when all you want is something greasy and filled with cheese. Well fear no longer, J. Selby's plant-based eatery has arrived to save the day with the best vegan comfort food around.

Aspenn Ward

Before we get into the many wonderful things about this vegan hotspot, it is my moral duty as a current interior design student to address the aesthetics upon arrival. The verdict: its super cool. The light, minimalist interior reminds one of a modern coffee shop, though one where instead of looking classy and sipping on a lavender chai latte, you are stuffing your face with burgers and fries and cheese. 

Aspenn Ward

A friend and I ordered three different menu items to try; a Philly cheese steak sandwich, a classic cheeseburger, and a pretzel with cheese sauce and spicy mustard - all vegan of course. The basic rundown is that everything was delicious and very realistic.

As someone who is not always a fan of faux-meat products, I was not disappointed in the slightest! My friend is currently a part-time vegetarian who occasionally eats meat, and even she said she could have been fooled by these plant-based versions. To top it off, their signature cheeze sauce was not messing around–it was creamy and delicious and made all my vegan dreams come true. 

Aspenn Ward

I am always a supporter of a meat-free lifestyle, which boasts both personal and environmental advantages over the average American diet. It is nice, however, to know that places like J.Selby's exist so when I want to indulge in some greasy, vegan comfort food goodness, I have nothing holding me back.