It doesn't come as a surprise that Boston can get frigidly cold in the winter. As the temperature plummets to nearly zero degrees, with wind chills making it feel like it's in the negatives, it's only fitting to warm up over a comforting cup of hot chocolate as snow gradually blankets every inch of the city. That said, L.A. Burdick may just serve the best hot chocolate in Boston.

On one of the snowiest days of 2023, it felt like the perfect opportunity for me to try L.A. Burdick on Newbury Street, a widely praised, quaint chocolate shop renowned for their meticulously handcrafted, European-inspired, artisanal chocolates and their signature dark hot chocolate. Before then, I had had only Swiss-Miss hot chocolate mix, and the concept of a dark hot chocolate was foreign to me. However, after my first sip, I immediately understood why all my co-workers considered L.A. Burdick to have the best hot chocolate in Boston.

Signature Dark Hot Chocolate

I could only describe it as smooth and velvety - a harmonious balance of sweetness and bitterness that did not feel overly rich. The distinct bitterness of dark chocolate was prominent but not in the least bit overwhelming. It truly felt as though I was drinking chocolate instead of a hot beverage flavored as chocolate. From the hot chocolate alone, I could tell L.A. Burdick prides itself in delivering high quality chocolate to its customers, offering a wondrous experience that's sure to warm up anyone no matter how cold the weather is. Having tried it, I vehemently believe that L.A. Burdick serves the best hot chocolate in Boston.

Ethan Meng

Single-Sourced Hot Chocolate

While their hot chocolate is reason enough to revisit, L.A. Burdick also provides "single-sourced" dark hot chocolate that changes every month! These single-sourced hot chocolates incorporate blends of chocolate sourced from different regions that provides subtle, additional flavors unique to that particular region. For example, the single-sourced dark hot chocolate from Venezuela expresses "notes of nuts and dried fruits [that] intertwine and end with a very smooth finish."

Other Flavors

If dark chocolate isn't your preference, L.A. Burdick also offers milk and white hot chocolate, both of which are top quality.  

As you'd expect, the milk hot chocolate was noticeably sweeter than the dark hot chocolate, void of any bitter notes. However, the sweetness was far from being overbearing.

Finally, the white hot chocolate was smooth and creamy.

The Pastries

Why not also try one of L.A. Burdick's wide assortment of cakes to compliment your hot chocolate?

Ethan Meng
Ethan Meng

Final Thoughts

Overall, you really cannot go wrong with any of the flavors of hot chocolate at L.A. Burdick, as each one exceeds in their quality and delicate craftmanship (though my preference clearly lies towards dark). 

So the next time you're in Boston on a snowy or chilly day, be sure to stop by L.A. Burdick to enjoy what may be the best hot chocolate in Boston.