Anyone who knows me knows that I love dessert. In my humble opinion, no meal is complete without a sweet treat at the end. When you eat dessert as much as I do, however, it becomes difficult to find a new, innovative, and exciting dessert that’s also fantastically delicious. You can imagine my excitement, therefore, when I discovered Spot Dessert Bar.

The Origins of Spot Dessert Bar

Spot was started by Thai cousins, Chatchai Huadwattanana and Ace Watanasuparp. The cousins both come from backgrounds in food and the restaurant business. Inspired by growing up in the markets of Thailand and working in kitchens in Asia and New York City, they opened Spot Dessert Bar with the dream of creating innovative and unique desserts that customers have never tried before.

The duo brings the flavors from their homeland as the inspiration for their delectable treats. Spot has two locations on St. Marks, as well as another café in Koreatown. However, the dessert bar is so popular, its owners hope to one day franchise it all over the world. Hopefully, soon people from major cities worldwide will be able to enjoy Spot's scrumptious treats!

What the Critics Think

Spot’s unique delicacies and aesthetically pleasing dishes have led the dessert café to be frequently featured in the press since its opening. Spot's “The Harvest” dessert was highlighted in articles by Thrillist and Business Insider. This sort of press, mostly geared toward a millennial audience, has made Spot Dessert Bar especially popular among young people. So yes,  pictures of Spot’s desserts can be found splashed across almost any NYC foodie’s Instagram. 

The Famous "Harvest"

Spot has several signature dishes, including the Matcha Lava Cake, The Harvest, and the Golden Toast. I tried The Harvest, which is adorably designed to look like a flowerpot filled with berries, cheesecake, and Oreo crumbs. Raspberry sorbet and black rose milk tea are served on the side in order to “water the plant.” They had me at Oreo crumbs. Plus, how could you not love a dessert that disguises itself as a plant? It’s this kind of innovation and creativity that makes Spot so unique.

The (Incredible) Cookie Camp

The real star of Spot Dessert Bar, however, is the Cookie Camp. This is a gooey marshmallow cookie skillet served with pretzels and milk ice cream. It is not an exaggeration when I say that this one of the best cookies I’ve ever had, and I’ve eaten a lot of cookies in my time. There is truly something special about this marshmallow cookie. The combination of the super sweet and soft marshmallow with the salty, crunchy pretzels is a work of genius. Add a scoop of slowly melting ice cream, and you’ve found the way to my heart.

I recommend ordering a few desserts and trying them all. Spot offers an array of creative flavors, all of which are worth sampling. Spot is definitely a perfect place to take a group of friends, as you’ll want to try everything on the menu!

There is no shortage of dessert places in New York City. However, Spot Dessert Bar should be the first place you go when your sweet tooth is acting up.