With the Chennai summer kicking in, are you dodging your favorite chai-samosa for cool shakes and ice-creams? Who doesn’t like a chocolate drink after a long day of classes in this scorching heat? If this is you, then definitely visit this place to have the best chocolate milkshake around the campus. As my friend said, it’s mind-numbingly creamy and chocolaty and the perfect treat to have.

I am not a huge fan of chocolate bars, but I do  love me some chocolate dessert. Due to a sore throat, I was craving an evening tea when I first went to this place, but was instead tempted to try this shake. I haven’t stopped going back there because it’s been totally worth all the hot water I had to drink later. #noregrets.

So where exactly is this place? 

Located in the lane leading to SRM Green Pearl Apartments serving maggi, omelettes and shakes is GREEN PALACE.

It’s run by a family so expect a clean place, the television playing songs all the time and a kid running around. For just 40 bucks, a tall glass of that milkshake is not something you would want to miss. Unlike the ones I have had other places which feels like just cocoa blended in with frozen milk, this is extremely thick, creamy and full of chocolate. The place is open until midnight if you are in for some late night cravings.

Lekhavarshini Selvam

Tempted, aren’t you? 

So chocolate lovers, what are you waiting for? Without burning a hole in your pocket, fill up and drop straight into the river of  Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!