Fournée Bakery is the East Bay's home to a variety of exquisite baked delights perfect for brightening your mornings. Nestled next to the Claremont Hotel, this Berkeley bakery can be spotted each morning with a line of customers eager to taste the delicious flavors of France. This hidden gem is now open for walk-ins and takeout orders for everyone, including locals on their morning stroll, tennis players looking for a post-workout treat, or college students with taste. With affordable prices and tasteful treats, you'll wish you knew about this place sooner.

The menu features a diverse list of either savory or sweet treats, including pastries and tarts, croissants, sandwiches, quiches, and, last but certainly not least, bread.


The chocolate almond croissant is a must if you're looking for something sweet and can be paired with a hot coffee from Peet's conveniently located next door. Filled with soft almond cream spread and twice-baked chocolate, this croissant is the perfect combo for chocolate and pastry lovers. Looking to satisfy your fruit craving? Choose between the fruit scone or fruit croissant, but catch it only this season! While the scone brings together the sweet flavors of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, the croissant fuses blackberries with vanilla bean cream cheese filling and is topped with hyssop and oat streusel. 


In the mood for something more on the savory side? Order the ham and egg croissant and thank me later. The croissant is baked to perfection with a flaky texture and complimented by the yummy flavors of ham and egg for your traditional breakfast style. Vegetarians are not forgotten about, either. Opt for the veggie croissant and be delighted by this seasonal item's scrumptious combination of organic tomato, walnut and goat cheese spread, and sesame seed toppings.


If you're looking for a fresh baguette for your next aesthetically pleasing cheese board, look no further. Fournée offers a variety of baguettes to choose from: a first-time favorite is always the Olive baguette. Perfect with cheese or jam, this sourdough brings the fresh flavors of Kalamata olives to your tastebuds. Don't have cheese on hand? Order the cheese roll, a sourdough paired with Gruyere cheese and cubeb pepper. And make sure to stop by on Friday's to pick up some tasty Challah.


Fournée is not limited to breakfast, though. The menu offers a variety of lunch items to satisfy all your cravings from Tuesday to Saturday, including delicious sandwiches and pizza. A favorite is the roasted pork shoulder sandwich with Niman Ranch pork shoulder, herb aioli, pickled cabbage and carrots, and organic greens perfectly layered in a brioche bun. Choose between the veggie and pepperoni pizza and be delighted by the fresh flavors of Mozzarella cheese and house made tomato sauce partnered with Manchego and Asiago.

Whether you're looking for a sweet break from your studies or simply need an excuse to get out of the house, Fournée is the next Berkeley bakery to add to your list. While the line tends to run long, take the time to smell the sweet aroma of baked goods while scrolling through the menu. There are so many options to choose from, you'll have to come back!