I'm a foodie, and I truly believe that every hour of the day is the perfect time for food. But if I had to pick a favorite time to eat, I'd definitely choose brunch, because since the first day I tried Bacon Bitch's brunch offerings, I've been completely sold. I now solely crave the salads and croissants here every weekend morning, and I am not complaining. I mean, if you had a toasty croissant filled with eggs and bacon in front of your face, would you be complaining?

Nonetheless, it's important to note that it's not just the food served at Bacon Bitch that lured me into my obsession. Going to Bacon Bitch is an entire experience; from the food, to the service, it's not your typical brunch place. They turn ordinary food into something amazing and convenient, which means top-quality brunch, incredible and quick service, and leaving satisfied without having spent more than $20 of your pocket money. Chaching.

How's the Food? I'll Let You Decide.

The restaurant is called Bacon Bitch, but it goes way beyond your average bacon dishes. The main menu consists of a variety of fresh, delicious croissants, with drool-worthy picks such as sausage gravy for the meat lovers, hash browns for the breakfast fans, lobster if you want a little twist, bacon (always bacon), and even homemade hummus for my healthy people.

Not surprisingly, Bacon Bitch’s website tells us all about their executive chef Jasmin Shoman, who “has decades of experience cooking with world-renowned Chefs." No wonder they have unbelievably tasty croissants! Please promise me you'll visit and try the croissants; you'll be addicted, but you be the judge! Additionally, they have side dishes, from salads to pancakes. And of course, quality coffee and incredibly fruity cocktails, because it is brunch, after all. 

The Service? Just Know, A Little Party Never Killed Nobody.

The amazing food offered pairs perfectly with the friendliest service I've ever experienced at a restaurant. The people at Bacon Bitch are fun, exciting, and like to start random parties at any point. So even if you did not have anything to celebrate anyways, you just might end up standing up to dance right after biting into your food. The only way I can describe this, is that if you're having a bad day, this place will most likely make your day a thousand times more fun.

The Perfect Miami Brunch...What Are You Waiting For?

Bacon Bitch is definitely the right place to visit to start an exciting weekend, especially if you’re with a group of friends and in the mood for something different. From my own experience, I can say that every time I go, the food’s heavenly (and they always have extra syrup for you), the decoration has a nice artistic touch that completely draws me in, and I always end up singing and dancing along to the background music with my friends and the waitresses. Plus, there's nothing more convenient than casual and affordable, good-quality food.

What are you waiting for? Go have a blast, enjoy a breathtaking croissant, catch some syrup action, and don't forget to bring all your friends along!

Bacon Bitch is located in the Franklin Hotel on Collins Avenue: 860 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL, 33139.