Recently, I've adventured with my foodie friend and further explored the world of poke. We found some pretty sick places right here in San Diego. They've totally revamped the traditional poke bowl and given it some super creative variations—tacos, burritos, and even burgers. I'm here to tell you where they are and why you need hop in your car and go there to try them now. 


This place doesn't have just your average sushi burrito. Pokirrito offers a variety of Hawaiian-inspired poke creations. Although they're famous for their huge sushi burritos, Pokirrito also offers a variety of yummy poke bowls if you wanna stick with the traditional stuff.

Emily Rembecki

This is my go-to burrito and, yes, all the sushi burritos are stuffed with this much deliciousness.

The picture above is the Mauna Lani. It's loaded with salmon, lotus chips, broccoli slaw, krab, lettuce, masago, and much more. It's basically a flavor explosion in your mouth. To add just that little bit of saltiness and crunch you crave, each burrito comes with a side of delicious potato chips. It's the perfect combo thats currently making my mouth water while writing this.

I got this with the signature "Golden Ratio" sauce which complements just about every bowl and sushi burrito (in my opinion). They also offer a variety of other sauces like basil besto, creamy goma, spicy aioli, and more.

Emily Rembecki

To add even more excitement, pokirrito also gives you the option to making your sushi burrito hot. Spicy hot. Warning: This hot Cheeto coating is not for the weak. This is hardcore stuff.

San Diego Poke Co

San Diego Poke Co. has two locations in San Diego. This place has pushed even further beyond the pokirrito, with poke tacos and even burgers.

Tia Philippart

The tacos sounded a little too weird to be good, not gonna lie. I was blown away though with how simple yet incredibly savory they are. Juicy salmon in a crispy fried wonton shell topped with seaweed salad, sesame seeds, and a delicious sauce had me wishing I didn't have to share. (I actually didn't share, ate all of them and my friend probably got a little mad, but it was worth it.)

Tia Philippart

Next we tried the chef's recommendation, the spicy tuna burger thats pictured above. (I did reluctantly share this one because I felt bad about eating all the tacos). 

Tuna, dripping in spicy sauce and hot Cheetos, stuffed between two rice patties, this burger did not disappoint (in setting my mouth on fire and satisfying my cravings for spicy, savory, delicious poke). Like the chef, I highly recommend this, but make sure you have some water with you. Once again, not for the weak.

Tia Philippart

The picture above is just a bonus pic of me preparing to take a monster bite out of this delicious burger. 

If you're feeling adventurous, these are the places for you. These places absolutely do the most. Grab a friend, probably grab a couple napkins (poke can get a little messy), and get ready for the most delicious experience of your life ("life" might be overdramatizing it a bit, but it'll at least be the most delicious experience of your week).