For being such a small town, Downtown Lewisburg has a very extensive selection of restaurants from Caribbean, Thai, Japanese, and Pub food.  With options like this, Bucknell students may find little need to stray any further for a bite to eat.  However, there are many other restaurants close to Bucknell that provide even more delicious choices for just about any craving a student could have.  Here are some of my favorite under the radar eateries that are close to campus.     

1. DC Coffee & Tea Co.

coffee, espresso, tea, ice
Kelsey Emery

If you need a change of scenery from Amami or the library café, DC Coffee & Tea Co. in Mifflinburg is worth a visit. They are the perfect place for breakfast or lunch, with a menu including breakfast sandwiches, omelettes, waffles, paninis, sandwiches, and salads.

They also have baked goods, ice cream (from the legendary Penn State Creamery) and make a lot of specialty drinks both with and without coffee. The café is a wonderful setting for a leisurely breakfast or a study session.

2. Rusty Rail Brewing Company

Rusty Rail is a restaurant and brewery about 20 minutes away in Mifflinburg that has a nice ambiance and feel with the brewery visible from the seating area. The food is very good, and the brunch is especially popular, with a large menu of drinks and food, including brioche French toast, an iron skillet quiche, and chicken and biscuits. Overall, it's a spot that is a crowd pleaser–having menu options to please every palate

3. David’s Awesome Cookies and Pretzels

chocolate, cookie, sweet, cake, pastry
Jocelyn Hsu

This place, located in Mifflinburg, is everything the name declares, it is truly awesome. They have a wide variety of pretzels and cookies, with frozen and fresh versions of both. The prices are also unbeatable. A container of pretzel nuggets is $3 and the cookies are also similarly priced. AKA, it's a great deal.

The Garlic flavored pretzel nuggets are amazing, they are the perfect mixture of salty and garlicky. The cookies are also delicious; the snickerdoodles are a favorite.

4. The Fence

During the warmer months, this classic which is just across the river from Bucknell in Milton, is unbeatable.  They offer a very classic fare, with burgers, hot dogs, and fries priced perfectly for a student budget.  The seating along the river provides for a wonderful view that adds a sort of intangible flavor of Americana to your meal.  

#SpoonTip: Don't forget to bring cash, because this place does not accept credit cards.   

5. Lisa's Milltown Deli

About 15 minutes drive away in Milton is Lisa's Milltown Deli.  They have a menu that includes a breakfast, lunch, and dinner fare, with omelettes, sandwiches, soup, wraps, burgers, and pasta.  So basically, anything and everything you could want.  They also have an amazing gourmet hot chocolate which is super photo-worthy and delicious.  

Although we may go to school in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, our food options do not reflect that, and in a 20 minute radius of our campus we have a multitude of restaurants and cafes that are sure to please any appetite.  These 5 under-the-radar eateries are just a few of the many hidden gems close to Bucknell that can provide a delicious, welcome break from on-campus dining.