As our Chicago “spring” (yes, I know 40°F isn’t spring, but woohoo Windy City) transitions into summer, people feel like doing more outdoorsy things. You see more people biking outside and you may see more people at the beach or in downtown. When the weather is nice, I love going out for brunch or breakfast, and Chicago breakfast is where it’s at.

Since it’s my favorite meal, I can tell you on good authority these are the 12 breakfast places you need to enjoy the next time you’re in Chicago.

12. Eggsperience Pancakes and Cafe

chicago breakfast

Photo by @hotforfood on Instagram

If you’re a fan of pancakes, this is the place for you. Eggsperience Pancakes and Cafe has a variety of pancakes to choose from, like caramel and apple pancakes, wild blueberry pancakes, and strawberry pancakes.

11. Sunny Side up & Coffee Shop

chicago breakfast

Photo by Amanda Shulman

This place is famous for their Croque Madame. Don’t worry, our mouths are watering too. Their ambiance is perfect for a Sunday brunch or meeting a friend on a weekday morning. This place is also really good if you want to go in groups. Definitely try their berry French toast. It’s heavenly.

10. Hub 51

chicago breakfast

Photo courtesy of @hub51 on Instagram

This is place is more of a brunch place. If it’s past breakfast time and you’re craving nachos or sandwiches, this is the place to go. Plus, it’s right by Grand off the Red Line, so getting there is pretty easy. Their carrot cake and key lime pies are the best, and they serve hot chocolate shots in the winter that’ll warm you right up.

9. Pete’s Grill

chicago breakfast

Photo by Kassie McIntyre

Pete’s Grill gives you a classic breakfast at a really good price. Their service is amazing and it’s perfect for college students since it’s right off of the Howard Red Line stop. And since college students are usually short on money, this place is totally affordable.

8. The Growling Rabbit

chicago breakfast

Photo courtesy of The Growling Rabbit

This place is in Rogers Park, right by Morse and Lunt Avenue. It’s great for vegans and vegetarians, with options like their killer spicy vegan breakfast burrito or lentil sloppy Joe. Also, their coffee cakes are amazing, so don’t forget to try them.

7. Hash

chicago breakfast

Photo courtesy of @hash_chicago on Instagram

If you’re DIY person, this is your place. They have Dark Matter Coffee service at the counter where you can make your own coffee the way you want it. You have to try their Italian Beef Benedict, Truffle Kale and Carrot Hash. This place also has a BYOB option which is great. Basically everything on their menu is great and they have free Dark Matter Coffee refills, which is great for all the crazy coffee lovers like me! Its a small, homey spot to hangout with friends or family. However because of the amazing food here, this place gets crowded really fast so make sure you call before going or go early.

6. Smack Dab!

chicago breakfast

Photo by Natalie Reehl

Nice name, right? Just off the Morse Red Line stop, this place is a small cozy breakfast place in Rogers Park. Check out their famous coffee, or munch on some special vegan doughnuts, which are amazing. They also have blueberry and almond tarts, as well as cinnamon pumpkin toasts.

5. Peach and Green

chicago breakfast

Photo by Vinova Deniz

This place is a little fancy, so it’s perfect for networking brunches. This place is also healthier than all the other places you can go to when you’re at the Loop. There is an entire made-to-order section, a salad bar, and a buffet line. You’re charged on the size of your plate, which can be small, medium, or large.

4. Batter and Berries

chicago breakfast

Photo by Cody Corrall

Their famous sweet potato waffle and chicken is the best so you cannot, I repeat, CANNOT walk out of this place without trying that. On top of that, they have french toast flights, amazing omelets, and a famous lobster Benedict. Their food is literally clap-your-hands good.

3. The Bongo Room

chicago breakfast

Photo courtesy of @chicagoslimer on Instagram

The Bongo Room has ah-mazing red velvet hotcakes, as well as white chocolate pretzel pancakes. If you’ve never had them, you haven’t lived life. Their omelettes and tomatillo salsa scrambles are great too.

#SpoonTip: This is place enormous. Check out the patio area for some prime outdoor seating.

2. Yolk

chicago breakfast

Photo by Samia Gowani

The name says it all. Whether it’s red velvet or challah french toast, you’ll love it all, not too mention their strawberry orange juice, which is great for a tangy wake-up call. If you’re in the mood for something fancy, get their Tour De France. which comes with several french toasts with all kinds of sauces.

1. Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe

chicago breakfast

Photo by Vinova Deniz

Wildberry is perfect to show off to any Chicago visitors because this place is surrounded by the wonders of downtown (it’s very close to The Bean too). As someone who LOVES Nutella crepes, this place has the best Nutella crepes I’ve ever had. Their signature Berry Bliss pancakes are a mixture of all kinds of berries on your pancake.

#SpoonTip: It closes at 2:30 pm and is usually very crowded, so make sure to get there early.