In today’s day and age the tech world seems inundated with apps for restaurant reviews and dining resources. However, these apps also seem to lack a personal element, a certain je ne se quoi. 

Sure you can use location services to search for restaurants specifically in your area, or you can write reviews–rave or not so stellar– for the world to see. However, in a constantly evolving tech industry it’s necessary to think big and improve upon the products readily available to consumers. And that’s exactly what Justin Kwong and Dan Hilton are doing.

Kwong ’15 and Hilton ’14 have teamed up to bring you Wiya, an app that uses beacon technology to streamline customer service directly between restaurant-goers and businesses.

If you haven’t heard of beacons, they utilize Bluetooth services to improve message and data transmission on smart devices. In other words, beacon technology is the next big thing and these Hopkins kids are already using it. They’re one step ahead of the game.

Customers who download the app can automatically check-in to participating businesses, download the short survey, and complete a review. Diners can choose whether to write a review publicly, or send direct messages to the restaurants with their comments or complaints.

Each completed survey will earn the customers one point. Start racking up points now, because each milestone reached will bring you rewards in the forms of free food and discounts on your next visit. To all my fellow broke and hungry classmates, this should be music to your ears.

wiya free food

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Wiya has already partnered with multiple restaurants in the area, including our very own Alkimia in Gilman, and Bamboo Cafe. Write three reviews and you can get a free coffee in Gilman. FREEEEEE. Looking to get off campus? Check out Daniela’s in Hampden or Brown Rice Korean Grill, and you could be scoring some sick discounts on your next visit.

The app is super simple to navigate, and more importantly it’s free as well (they really know the way to our hearts). Download it now in the App Store and give it a try, just in time  for finals to hang out and procrastinate study.

You can also check Wiya out on Facebook.

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