In a land far, far away, there is a group of people called the Galicians. We belong to a region in Northern Spain called Galicia, and we're known for our beautiful mountain landscapes, breathtaking ocean views, and for throwing the greatest feasts in Spain. 

A Culinary Legacy

Food is a pretty big deal for us, and this is evident in each of our dishes and culinary traditions. With an innate desire for good food, a natural talent for combining ingredients and magnificent cooking skills taught by our grandmothers, Galicians have managed to create flavors that you can't find anywhere else in the world.

An Empanada Like You've Never Seen Before

In Galicia, we have what might be the biggest empanadas in the whole world. The Empanada Gallega, which translates to, "Galician Empanada", is a huge wheel of a unique empanada crust with an endless possibility of fillings - tuna, squid, chicken, beef and chorizo, to name a few. A must in any flavor of Empanada Gallega is the "sofrito", whose star ingredients are olive oil, sautéed garlic and onions, saffron, and paprika. 

The Star Of The Show

Isabela Fraiz

It is impossible not to mention our signature Pulpo A La Gallega. Probably one of the simplest, yet most famous dishes, Pulpo A La Gallega is boiled octopus drenched in olive oil and sprinkled with salt and paprika (what we call pimentón). Always serve your Pulpo A La Gallega in a wood plate and stick a bunch of toothpicks right in the middle so everyone can grab from the same plate (Galicians love to share!). Last but not least, make sure your octopus is perfectly tender yet firm - an art we've learned to master through the centuries. 

Eat Your Greens

We appreciate the quality of our ingredients, and we've been gifted with a land that gives us superb produce. As an act of appreciation, we came up with the Cocido Gallego, a traditional dish that uses a variety of ingredients from our very own land. Cocido Gallego is a mouth-watering and nutritious combination of homemade chorizo, pork, beef, chickpeas, collard greens, and potatoes. This is one of our favorite dishes to eat in family reunions since it basically feeds every mouth in the house - and possibly the whole neighborhood. 

Brewed In The North 

Our water is of the highest-quality, but that doesn't stop us from drinking our very own home-crafted beer. Estrella Galicia is amongst the top-ranked beer in Spain and probably one of the best you'll ever taste. Enjoy a cold one with a side of traditional tapas. 

Fried Milk For Dessert, Anyone?

Leche Frita, which literally translates to "fried milk", is nothing like what you imagine. This traditional dessert of Northern Spain is a show-stopper: a creamy yet firm inside of custard is deep fried and covered in sugar and cinnamon. Some people enjoy Leche Frita with a side of ice cream. I, personally, prefer to skip the ice cream and save those calories to invest them in even more Leche Frita. But in Galicia, who's counting calories, right?

Eat Cake For Breakfast (And Lunch, And Dinner) 

Tarta De Santiago is our very own traditional cake. Despite being a dessert that uses almonds and eggs as a base, Tarta De Santiago is anything but keto-friendly. The icing sugar melts in your mouth and the lemon gives it an irresistible tangy kick, all embraced by the moisture of the almonds. Tarta De Santiago is a deeply meaningful dish for us, since it represents the Camino De Santiago - a huge tradition and emblem of our culture.  

Sometimes We Even Drink Fire

For us, the best way to finish dinner is by drinking our signature Queimada. This is an emblematic drink that is made through a ritual that is said to be part of our Celtic heritage. In order to properly conduct a Queimada, the person who's preparing it should recite the traditional Queimada spell once it's set on fire. This is deeply rooted in our beliefs in the supernatural world, and the ritual is said to distance us from bad spirits. The drink itself is a combination of Orujo Gallego (a traditional liquor), special herbs, sugar, lemon peel, coffee beans, and cinnamon. 

In Galicia, You Will Never Be Hungry

Enjoy our extremely diverse culinary offer as you delight in the wonderful landscapes of our region. Consider Galicia for your next EuroTrip, and experience food like you've never tasted it before!

P.S.: Galicians take no responsibility for the amount of weight you might put on once you get here.