Brewing beer has been around for longer than I can even imagine. I never thought about brewing beers like Bud Light or Coors, but yes, they do brew beer. I mean, how else is it made. After living in Tucson for almost four years, I have come to realize how Tucson supports their local foodies and how many local food and drink places there are.

Just recently turning 21, I have cut off hard liquor due to health issues, but I love my beer, especially craft beer. Craft beer companies are small, traditional and independent. If you have never been to a brewery in Tucson, I would suggest going now. There are over 10 different breweries in Tucson so you will definitely find one you enjoy.

Check out this list for some of my favorite breweries here in Tucson.

1. Public Brewhouse


Photo by Sydney Cohen

This place is without a doubt, my FAVORITE brewery here in Tucson. One reason why I love this place so much is because they allow you to bring in your own food to their brewery. They do not have a kitchen located on site, so they do not mind you bringing in food to pair with your delicious beer. Public Brew House also has tons of board games and fun things to do such as playing Jenga, cards against humanity, and even a shuffleboard. Overall, this place has great vibes.

2. Pueblo Vida Brewing Co.


Photo courtesy of Pueblo Vida Facebook

My favorite thing about this place is their weekly infusions. Every week they use a beer that is already on tap and brew it with a special ingredient. For example, they have done a pear infusion, plume infusion, as well as lemon and lime, and so much more. This is one of the smaller breweries in Tucson but they have a lot to offer in their beers. They also sell artisan popcorn, which is great to pair with your beer.

3. Barrio Brewing Co.


Photo courtesy of Barrio Brewing Co.

Also owned by Gentle Bens, this place is known for its amazing food. This brewery is one of the oldest in Tucson and also, one of the best. This brewery is famous for their Barrio blonde and is one of their only beers that can be found in-stores. A must-have beer from Barrio would be their Barrio Grapefruit, it is definitely my favorite!

Craft beer is amazing because each brand is simply one of a kind. Every glass has its own ingredients and story to tell. Most ingredients are from local areas and are always fresh. In addition to local ingredients, Tucson breweries are extremely supportive of their local friends, such as yoga classes inside the brewery, live music and much more.

Stop by one of these places for a delicious beer. You won’t regret it!