Ice cream can be a magical experience just like any other delectable desert. Magic Fountain ice cream shop, located out on the east end, is the place to go for a great time with family, friends, and everyone in between. This popular ice cream shop was originally a Dairy Queen back in 1966 but underwent renovations to make it more geared towards homemade treats. In 1977, Magic Fountain was born and it has been serving Long Islanders for 40 years. 


Emily Sauchelli

Magic Fountain has over 30 flavors on their menu year-round, from classic cookies and cream to experimental flavors that are way outside of the box.  Fun and quirky flavors include options like chocolate chili, fig and honey, and coconut avocado. For those who have specific allergies, (i.e. gluten-free, vegan) there are even flavors for you. 


Emily Sauchelli

There are many reasons why Magic Fountain is a great place to visit. For starters, the owners create fresh ice cream daily for their customers. The location is another factor that makes this shop so great. Located on Main Road in Mattituck, it isn't a far drive from various summer camps and beaches. Magic Fountain is a landmark for people from all over the island and tourists trying to find their way around the area for the first time. 


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Emily Sauchelli

Being in an ideal location on the east end makes this ice cream shop a pit stop after a dip in The Sound or after spending the day at various camp sites in the area, such as Indian Island County Park, in Riverhead. Many people stop here for a quick treat before heading back on the parkway. It is also only a 15-minute walk from the Mattituck train station.

With colorful flavors, walls, and desserts you need to check this place out for yourself. Going to Magic Fountain is a wondrous experience you won't forget.