It's 2 am on a Friday night and you and your friends are leaving the bar. You've worked up such a sweat on the dance floor that now you need to eat– pronto. You could go to Cookout or Taco Bell, but you did that last weekend and you're a progressive individual who's all about, like, local businesses and stuff? Well, you're in luck, because Wilmington is full of awesome spots to grab a late night bite to cure you of your drunchies.

1. Islands Fresh Mex Grill

Oh Islands, you sexy temptress you. The $1 taco special has no doubt saved countless lives of broke, starving college students. If bar hopping downtown is your scene, hit up Islands for a cheap cure for your drunchies– but don't forget to get Islands sauce or you'll seriously be kicking yourself. The downtown location stays open until 3am on Friday and Saturday nights.

2. Slice of Life Pizzeria and Pub 

Although Slice of Life whips up some really sexy pies, pizza isn't the only thing this local gem has to offer. From soups and salads to nachos and wings, everyone can find something tasty to soothe your drunchies. The downtown location is open until 3 am every day, so even if the club is going up on a Tuesday–Slice of Life has got your back. 

3. Munchies Food Co.

Looking for a light and healthy midnight snack? Then you should probably go home and make yourself a damn parfait because Munchies is NOT for you. The largest part of the menu is dedicated to their selection of "Fat Sandwiches". With hours from noon to 3am every day, and a name like Munchies, it's very clear that this place is catering to inebriated college students with drunchies. The fried Oreos (pictured) are the perfect combination of soft and crunchy, but be warned that every bite contains 4 grams of guilt. 

4. Vito's Pizzeria

Vito's and liquor were made for each other. During the day, you walk up to the window in your bathing suit– fresh off the beach– and get a piping hot slice. At night, Vito's becomes even more magical due to the 6 (or was it 8?) drinks you've just knocked back at the Beach Bars. Helllooo drunchies! Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, Vito's is open until about 2:30am. 

5. Jimbo's Breakfast and Lunch House

If you've never stumbled into Jimbo's at noon– hungover out of your mind– do you even go to UNCW? This mom-and-pop joint is a local treasure. 70% of the waitresses are little old ladies, who have likely been working at Jimbo's since it opened in 1976. Breakfast is served all day, and hours are from 10pm to 2pm every day– yes, you read that correctly. If you keep your eye out, you might even spot Jimbo himself at the end of the breakfast counter. My one word of advice is to skip the incredibly lackluster french toast.

6. I Love NY Pizza

Maybe it doesn't look like much from the outside, but I Love NY pizza delivers some serious late night grub. In fact, it has developed such a reputation that it earned a spot in this Travel + Leisure list of Cities With America's Favorite Pizza in 2016. When you're looking for a cheap slice after hitting up the bars of downtown Wilmington, check out I Love NY Pizza, open until 2:30am Thursday-Saturday. 

Dancing like nobody is watching might earn you a bit of cardio, but that's not gonna help you much when you dig into that 900 calorie Cookout tray. Instead, consider these local hotspots this weekend when you crack open a cold one with the boys. If nothing else, supporting local businesses when the drunchies hit might make for fewer regrets in the morning.