Since freshman year, I continually noticed the cute, health-conscious restaurant next door to the famous 'Sauce' pasta joint. This semester I decided to be adventurous and try it out for myself. Lovin' Spoonfuls is a laid-back vegetarian restaurant situated in the Campbell Plaza Shopping Center. Open from 9:30 am-9 pm most days, it is an ideal place to go during a lunch break from work or school. Being a daily meat eater, I was a little weary to try out the 'meat-substitution' dishes, but after giving it a try here's The Verdict: Lovin' Spoonfuls. 

The Atmosphere

To help encourage an eco-friendly environment, this vegetarian joint is decorated with an assortment of plants. With an open, airy feel to the place, I immediately felt very relaxed and comfortable. Rather than sitting down at a table and waiting to order, this place has a take-out feel. I waited in a short line to order, and after chose a table near the bathrooms. The various paintings and decorations amused me, and I felt like I was dining in a family's home.

The Quantity

For the most part, I was pleased with the serving sizes. The appetizer I ordered seemed average sized until I started eating it. I realized how filling it was, and I wasn't even able to tackle my main course. With sandwiches, you are given a bag of potato chips and a side of potato salad. Even without the appetizer, I could tell that I would have been satisfied with the serving portions.

The Cuisine

While I enjoyed some of the dishes, I was definitely disappointed with others. I first ordered a cauliflower take on traditional buffalo wings. I also decided to try the grilled eggplant hoagie. The 'buffalo wings' did not disappoint. They didn't taste exactly like chicken, but the sauce and the tenderness melted in my mouth. I could not put the appetizer down, and I ended up getting pretty full. If I could go back just for that appetizer, I would. The next dish was a little disappointing. Eggplants happen to be one of my favorite vegetables, and I felt like it was soggy and not flavorful. On the other hand, my vegan friend ordered the deli club sandwich, and she raved about how great it tasted. It is definitely a dish I want to try in the near future. 

My Experience

Overall, I really enjoyed checking out Lovin' Spoonfuls. The cashier and servers were super friendly, and the atmosphere was relaxing and comfortable. While I didn't have a 'hit' reaction with everything I tried, I definitely was pleasantly surprised with dishes such as the cauliflower wings. In the future, I definitely plan on going back to this joint. There are so many dishes I still need to try, such as the 'kale quinoa curry' and the 'piccadilly nut loaf'. Visiting this restaurant will make me think twice It definitely has made me more optimistic to eating fewer meat products in the future. If you are ever in the mood to try something new, I would greatly recommend this place.