Fellow Hawkeyes, are you tired of the cold, slimy, often questionable sandwiches you get with your flex meals? Are you between classes and looking for a quick bite to eat? Have no fear, University of Iowa Dining has you covered with their newly unveiled Street Hawk food truck.

The Street Hawk food truck can be found on the T. Anne Cleary walkway, between the Chemistry building and Pappajohn business building. They are open from 11 am-3 pm regardless of the weather and offer hot, freshly made food items you can grab between classes.

beer, pizza, tea, coffee
Carly Koemptgen

The best part about the Street Hawk food truck is that they accept flex meals, which means that if you have a meal plan, you can skip the lines at Burge and Hillcrest and use a meal swipe there instead. Included with your flex meal is one entree, two sides, and a drink.

If you don't have a meal plan, you can still give the food truck a try. Just like any C Store or cafe on campus, they accept credit cards, UBill charge, and Hawk Dollars.

coffee, beer, pizza, tea
Carly Koemptgen

The Street Hawk food truck boasts a menu with a wide variety of items like the BBQ bacon burger, fried chicken sandwich with kimchi slaw, a featured taco, smoked meat sandwich, and a vegetarian falafel sandwich. The menu varies by day. Each item is made to order and served with your choice of sides.

#SpoonTip: Their potato chips are homemade and are a favorite among students.

coffee, beer
Carly Koemptgen

Whether you're between classes and need a quick lunch or a foodie just checking out University Dining's newest addition, the Street Hawk food truck is sure to impress. Their food is unique and this concept is unlike anything our campus has ever seen. Do you have a great pic of your meal at the Street Hawk food truck? Slide into our Instagram DMs for a chance to be featured on our page!

#SpoonTip: Be mindful of when you go. Many lectures get out at 11:20 and 12:20, so at any time right after that the line will likely be pretty long.