Starbucks baristas have been trained to trap the mysterious unicorn creature and put it in a cup. This flavor-changing drink is unique in both appearance and taste. 

milk, cake, cream, chocolate
Azita Peters

How it's Made

The magical blue syrup is drizzled into the empty cup to begin the process. Next, the Frappuccino magic happens. Ingredients include ice, milk, crème Frappuccino syrup and mango syrup. It's topped with whipped cream and sour powder.

chocolate, coffee, milk, milkshake, ice cream, cream, ice
Azita Peters

What to Expect

Expect sweetness at first followed by fruity and sour bursts. There is not one particular word that can describe the tasty experience. One sip it's a Sweet Tart, then a Warhead next. Give it a swirl and watch the color change before your eyes.  

strawberry, ice cream, milkshake, chocolate, milk, ice, cream
Azita Peters

Color changing. Flavor changing. Life changing. This drink took my tastebuds on a wild ride. Try the Unicorn Frappuccino today and learn to sparkle. Get it before it flies away!