Los Angeles is a city of multi-cultural cuisine. From Little Tokyo to Olvera Street, LA is full of delicious dishes from around the world. But with so many cultural hotspots, how do you discern which is best? Of the hundreds of boba shops in LA, how can you even begin to narrow down the list? Don't worry. You don't have to. These are the five best boba places in Los Angeles.

1. Factory Tea Bar 

Factory Tea Bar is THE place to go with a big group of friends because of the shop's long tables and lively vibe. I recommend the nom nom green tea with boba or grass jelly. Try it 50% less sweet because the boba is already pretty sweet. Grass jelly is a jelly (not made of grass) that tastes slightly bitter and offsets the rich flavor of milk tea. Factory Tea Bar isn't just a drink spot - they also sell delicious desserts, like caramel toast and ice cream, which is perfect for sharing with friends.

323 S Mission Dr, San Gabriel, CA

2. Boba Time

If you're an LA local, you're probably rolling your eyes at this suggestion (too basic for your sophisticated palate?), but I personally believe Boba Time is a classic. From Thai Milk Tea to Strawberry Coconut Smoothie, Boba Time offers an insane variety of options (over 140 items!). Also, because Boba Time is a large franchise with stores throughout LA, it's the perfect place to visit to-and-from any destination. Convenient locations (like the one on the liveliest street of Koreatown) and menu options make any time boba time.

3450 W. 6th St. Suite 111, Los Angeles, CA (Koreatown)

372 E. 2nd St., Los Angeles, CA (Little Tokyo)

100 W. Broadway, Glendale, CA 91210 (Glendale Galleria)

3. Half and Half Tea Express

Half and Half, like Boba Time, is a franchise. That being said, unlike Boba Time, many of its stores aren't conveniently placed for all you tourists. However, Half and Half is worth the drive. I recommend the classic milk tea with boba and yellow pudding. Yellow pudding is a custard-like topping that adds a creamy flavor to the drink.

145 E Foothill Blvd, Arcadia, CA

1421 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA

120 N San Gabriel Blvd, Ste H, San Gabriel, CA

4. Jin Tea Shop 

Jin Tea Shop is different from the previous four shops listed because the shop itself isn't just yummy - it's aesthetically pleasing. The minimalistic decor and highly instagrammable cups make Jin the place to feature on your socials. But don't be fooled - just because Jin excels in beauty doesn't mean it slacks off on quality. According to their website, the shop enforces a strict process to ensure that every drink has a strong tea flavor. I recommend their organic oriental beauty milk tea with boba at 75% sweetness. The only downside of Jin is that it's small, meaning your Instagram influencing might have to take place outside.

18 W Green St, Pasadena, CA

5. 7 Leaves Cafe 

Ariana might have "7 Rings," but she should really try singing about 7 Leaves. 7 Leaves is the only boba place that I've been to with a drive-thru. If you want it, you got it (very easily). I recommend the Vietnamese coffee milk tea and the love cream with boba. Love cream is a secret menu drink that consists of jasmine milk tea, extra milk, and caramel (I mean c'mon that sounds amazing).

151 N Garfield, Alhambra, C

"The best boba in LA" is a controversial topic to say the least. That's indicative of the rising popularity of boba and other Asian desserts. As many shops become franchises (often bending to the needs of quantity over quality) and new boba stores opening constantly, I'm sure I'll be updating this list in a matter of months. Until then, test these five boba shops for yourself and determine which one you think is best.