Austinites have three things in common: we root for Texas (#hookem), we love our barbecue, and coffee runs through our veins. Thankfully, Austin caters to our needs and there are a plethora of coffee shops to get your fix at. However, this can be a blessing and a curse. How can you possibly choose which coffee shop to spend your time and money at? Thankfully, we've tried out a LOT of them, and we've chosen ones to suit your every mood.

1. When you want to try something new: Fleet Coffee

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Taylor Choi

Fleet Coffee is one of the newer coffee shops to make an appearance in Austin, but definitely worth checking out. With drinks like the Saturday Morning Ritual (Fruity Pebble-infused milk, espresso, and a Rice Krispie), the Sandia (Juiceland's Recovery Punch, iced coffee, simple syrup, bitters, and milk), or the E.T. (tonic water, espresso, lime, and simple syrup), it's a must-try for everyone. Plus, they serve up their coffee in bright blue cups that'll look perfect on Insta.

2. When you're gonna be up all night: Epoch Coffee

Epoch is open 24/7, which means they'll be there to keep you going when your 1,000 page essay is due the next day. With plenty of seating and outlet cords hanging from the ceiling, you can settle in for a long night. They've also got an assortment of pastries and pizza (yes, pizza at a coffee shop exists) if you need something a bit heartier.

3. When you want to feel hipster af: Houndstooth Coffee

Houndstooth Coffee is where Brooklyn hipster means Southern hospitality. If you're looking for those unpretentious #coffeeshopvibes, it's the place to be - plus, their logo is literally a fedora. Their crisp, simple decor, delicious coffee, and friendly baristas will make you want to trade in your Nike shorts for thrifted mom jeans.

4. When you want to appreciate the aesthetics: Patika

Sometimes you just need to get away from campus and appreciate the coffee shop aesthetics. At Patika, you can sip on your latte while enjoying the bright, open space and minimalistic decor. If it's a nice day outside, you can also utilize their outdoor patio seating. Plus, they make all their baked goods in their own kitchen, so it's guaranteed to be fresh. 

#SpoonTip: Patika also sells wine so you can come to study and then reward yourself with a glass of red.

5. When you need some space: Seventh Flag Coffee

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To get that cozy vibe going, a lot of coffee shops can be a little cramped and short on space - this isn't the case at Seventh Flag, though. With small tables littered throughout the shop, two big community tables, AND outdoor patio seating, you're almost guaranteed to be able to find a spot to sit, relax, and enjoy your coffee.

6. When you need a breath of fresh air: Mozart's Coffee Roasters

Located directly on Lake Austin, Mozart's has two stories of outdoor seating for you to enjoy on a nice day. They have a huge selection of specialty drinks (try the Mozart's Mocha Special), gelato, Amy's Ice Cream, pastries, cheesecakes, and desserts that you can eat while you enjoy the sights and sounds of the lake. Oh, and did I mention they have bottomless iced coffee?

7. When you're going on a date: Vintage Heart Coffee

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Dinner dates can be expensive, so why not save yourself the money (and time) and try a coffee shop date instead? Vintage Heart has the perfect atmosphere - their comfy couches, small tables, and warm lighting are perfect for intimate, one-on-one conversations.

8. When you want to be one with nature: Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors

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Figure 8 has a literal secret garden in the back that's covered in vines, plants, and all sorts of other greenery. If it's nice outside (a rarity in Texas), you can grab your books and head out. If you find yourself stuck inside, though, don't fret - there's plenty of shrubbery and cute succulents scattered throughout the shop.

#SpoonTip: Their giant tiled mirror wall is perfect for the ultimate mirror selfie (and for checking out the cute guy behind you).

9. When you're doing it for the Insta: Mañana Coffee & Juice

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While a majority of coffee shops have grounds (pun intended) for the perfect Insta, none can compare to Mañana. Their bright, inviting atmosphere comes from the natural light from the huge windows, making the bright blue tiles pop even more. Whether you come for the aesthetics or the coffee, you won't be sorry you tried it out.

10. When you need good quality coffee near campus: Thunderbird Coffee

If you go allll the way down down Dean Keeton, Thunderbird Coffee will be your light at the end of the tunnel. With plenty of outdoor and indoor seating, you're almost guaranteed to find a spot. They're famous for their honeynut latte, but they can whip up a mean chipotle chicken sandwich if you're feeling peckish.

#SpoonTip: Thunderbird offers happy hours on different beers everyday. In addition to that, from 4-7 PM Mon-Fri, you can get $1 Lone Star. You're welcome.

11. When you're obsessed with exposed brick: Summer Moon Coffee

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Although the new location of Summer Moon is a bit far from campus, it's definitely worth the drive - plus, you'll be able to get away from the college crowd at the original South 1st St. location. The new location features a brick wall emblazoned with the logo makes the perfect backdrop for their iconic summer moon latte (winter moon if you're feelin' iced coffee).

#SpoonTip: If the summer moon is too sweet for you, you can also order it at half sweetness, aka "half moon," or even a quarter sweetness, aka "quarter moon."

12. When you need a different kind of brew: Wright Brothers Brew and Brew 

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When you've got a long night ahead of you, you've usually got two options to get you through: coffee or beer. At Wright Brothers, you can have both. With a full espresso bar and 39 rotating taps of craft beer and cider, you literally cannot go wrong.

13. When you want to stay on campus: Lucky Lab Coffee Co.

Lucky Lab combined two of Austin's favorite things, coffee and food trucks, and rolled it into one beautiful creation. The truck sits in Urban Outfitter's Space 24 Twenty on the Drag, which means it's great to grab on your way to class (trust me, I've done it). With unique, seasonal flavors like a rosemary cream latte and the Longhorn latte, you'll never get bored.

14. When you want to make a difference in the world: Dominican Joe

Locally owned and operated, Dominican Joe is partnered with Makarios, a nonprofit organization committed to promoting education and economic development in the Dominican Republic. Your coffee purchase will fuel you for the day, as well as make a difference to the people of that country. So drink your coffee and feel good about it, too. 

15: When you just want to find a damn parking spot: Caffe Medici (South Lamar)

Sometimes you want to go to that cute corner coffee shop, but you know that you're either gonna have to try to parallel park or pay some ridiculous fee to park in a garage. Caffe Medici's newer location on South Lamar is here to take all your parking pain away - there are three parking garages, and the one directly behind Medici is free. Yes, FREE. Plus, there's a Shake Shack around the corner for when that chocolate croissant just doesn't cut it.

16. When you need another coffee and beer place: Apanas Coffee & Beer

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Is coffee and beer the new wine and cheese? Idk but we're about it. Previously called Two Hands Coffee, Apanas prides itself on bringing the best quality coffee to their store, from farm to cup. Located north by the Domain, there's definitely more seating, natural lighting, and electrical outlets than some of the places closer to campus.