In LA, the concept of a healthy lifestyle brings thoughts of green-juice drinking, kale-chip eating, gluten-free vegans who swear on their weekly Soulcycle sessions. While there are undoubtedly places who seek to feed this stereotypical LA eater, restaurants in LA that are deemed "healthy" appear daunting and off-putting to the ordinary eater.

However, with the help of talented chefs and fresh produce, healthy eating in LA can be so much tastier than it seems. From grain bowls to pizza, here's a list of moderately clean-eating LA restaurants that make eating healthy so delicious.


One of the most popular restaurants in the city, Sqirl hosts a range of breakfast/lunch options that are some of the best finds in the city. Not all their menu items are healthy (I’m looking at you ricotta toast), but every dish is better than the last. For a “healthier” option, opt for the sorrel pesto bowl, daily frittata, or brown rice porridge.


Shoutout to Brazil for bringing this tasty açaí smoothie bowl trend to the US and for Amazebowls for making the trend so delicious. While there's an abundance of these superfood bowls all around the city, Amazebowls offers some of the most Instagram worthy variations, including the photogenic coconut açaí bowl.

Abbot's Pizza Co.

“Salad pizza” doesn’t exactly scream delicious, but skeptics be warned, this pie is absurdly good to eat and good for you. Thick layers of freshly chopped salad and avocados lie on a cheesy and doughy crust making this moderately clean-eating find one of the most unique healthy foods in LA.

Cava Grill

Cava Grill is what happens when Chipotle goes to the Mediterranean. Cava's DIY grain bowls and salads are a quick and healthy meal that features toppings like grilled chicken, roasted vegetables, and cauliflower quinoa tabbouleh. Cava already has popular locations around the city, from UCLA to Irvine, and is set to continue opening in places like USC and Santa Monica.

Sweetfin Poké

LA's popular poké bowl craze is the perfect healthy meal for those who believe that fish are both friends and food. Sweetfin offers signature bowls and build-your-own bowl meals with the freshest varieties of raw fish, healthy bases like kelp noodles or kale salad, and even vegetarian-friendly options.

The Butcher's Daughter

This trendy New York import is known for its innovative and healthy breakfasts and lunch options, like the avocado toast Benedict or the spaghetti squash carbonara.

Urth Caffè

No LA food list is complete without this iconic chain. Urth undoubtedly serves some of the best food in the city, but also features so many healthy options. From their famous Urth Salad to their veggie-filled sandwiches, Urth makes clean eating possible for even the pickiest eater.