So you’re gluten-free. Gone are the day off stuffing Flaky Layers Biscuits down your gullet. Lucky for JMU students, Harrisonburg boasts a whole mess of restaurants just for you celiac folks. So instead of wallowing in your new state of dietary restriction, rejoice and get knee-deep in downtown’s dankest gluten-free options.

Jimmy Madison’s

JM’s has a ton of awesome main plate options serving up gluten-free classics. Dishes like the Sweet Tea Pork Chops, Bronzed Sea Scallops and Mahi Mahi Jambalaya won’t bind you up but will put a huge smile on your face. Oh, and they’re Brussels sprouts are some next level ish (try this one at home).

Bella Luna


What’s that? Gluten-free pizza dough UPON REQUEST? Yep, you read that correctly. Bella Luna is known for their tasty artisanal pizza but even more so for their flavorful, gluten-free dough. Go forth and feast. (Fun Fact: Pizza Hut is now serving up gluten-free crust).

Fine Flours Bakery & NOMS Deli Food Truck


Owned by the same people, this is about as celiac-friendly as it gets. Every single product is made with unique gluten-free flour blends in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen. AKA you are literally all set here. Get there, A$AP Rocky.

Grilled Cheese Mania

First time at @grilledcheesemania !! ??? #mamamania #thankyougrace

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Bet ya didn’t thing grilled cheese would be on this list. Well, it is. GCM is like the Mecca of grilled cheese so it’s not surprise that they thought of everything, including gluten-free options. Ask for the Mama Mania, Triple Lindy and Classic Johnny on gluten-free bread.

Vito’s Italian Kitchen

Let’s make it a pizza night ??

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Bless you, Vito’s, for offering an entire menu for gluten-free folks. They have a different gluten-free pasta of the day which is dope for those who crave variety. They also always have gluten-free pizza dough so you are free to be reckless in how many slices you house.

Billy Jack’s


Drinking is hard for folks with celiac disease. Which is why Billy Jack’s is doing you a huge solid with a gluten-free beer on their menu. The Omission IPA is only $4. Embrace the gluten-free lifestyle with a nice, cold one.

The Little Grill Collective

The Little Grill rocks. Not only is it cozy and cute, they also are willing to transform any item on their menu to be gluten-free upon request.

A Bowl of Good


Food exclusively served in bowls. A novel concept. What rocks even more is the sheer volume of options for vegetarians and gluten-free participants. My favorites include the It’s Nach-Yo Bowl and the It’s All Greek To Me.

Quaker Steak & Lube

Kudos to Quaker Steak for also having an exclusive gluten-free menu that is not only delicious but extensive. From yummy appetizers to tons of entree options, you will be loving your life.