It's been my third week of living outside of the nauseating bubbled suburbia (also known as Westchester) this summer. After weeks of hysteria, panic and total anxiety of living alone, I have found a side of me that is finally giving me assurance that maybe I will make it out okay on my own. Before I moved in, I was daunted by Bushwick's calm streets and lack of commerciality. With Williamsburg being the new hype of New York City, I expected the same realm of popularity to seep into Bushwick's streets. Instead, Bushwick's emptiness left me reluctant to explore what the neighborhood has to offer.

Like any scared and intimidated 20 year old girl would do, I hopped on the L train to swap in Bushwick for Manhattan. I preferred regularity, commerciality, and multiple Yelp reviews on practically every block. For three weeks, only at 9pm would I drunkenly come home to Bushwick, where I could then shut off my bedroom light and forget about the fact that all my friends were in high rises on Manhattan's busy streets. 

After a month of commuting back and forth underneath the East River, I've begun to realize that Bushwick has way more to offer than just street art and Roberta's. Past the 99 cent stores, laundromats and bodegas, there are bustling cafes, serene mimosa brunch spots in courtyards, promising (yet not so promising from the outside) late-night bars, and underground shops that'll have you covered on any gift for an upcoming birthday, holiday or occasion. Bushwick is thriving, they just don't tell anyone about it. After all, why would you want to spill the beans on an underrated neighborhood? 

We all saw what happened to Williamsburg. It started with a cute cafe, a French restaurant, and some celebs roaming the streets. Before we knew it, greedy real estate agents built high rises before we could even soak in the local markets, artsy galleries and Smorgasburg (before everyone and their mother went and started instagramming themselves sipping out of a coconut).

Bottom line: keep Bushwick how it is: intimidating at first, but a trendy neighborhood once you start running out of money from spending all your time in Manhattan.

**Please note: After reading this article, don't go dragging all your sorority friends to only interfere with Bushwick's authenticity. Keep your mainstream style in Manhattan, leave Bushwick true. 

1. Mominette

On Knickerbocker Ave, there's a lot going on. On a hungover Sunday morning, I was seeking some eggs, a coffee, and a place in the sun. However, Knickerbocker Ave. was only giving me laundromats and grocery stores. As I crossed Troutman street, I came across an awning that read "Mominette," along with a cheery hostess waiting at the door. Outside Mominette, signs displayed their brunch specials. Their curtains covered their windows almost making it impossible to see what the restaurant looked like inside, as well as how many people were actually dining there. As I was guided inside, it was dark, but tables were covered with delicious brunch feasts. Only then was I showed to the back— the courtyard. After a prime Eggs Benedict, a crisp iced coffee, and the morning sun waking my hungover self out of last night's mood, I can say that Mominette is the ideal french brunch spot for anyone. Go to the courtyard, get a mimosa, and dig in. Every meal is delicious.

2. Syndicated Bar Theater

From the outside, this bar looks like a dead zone. This garage facade doesn't come close to what Syndicated offers inside. Inside Syndicated, you can find a spacious bar with good choices of music playing in the distant background. If you're going at night, expect romantic candlelight which serves as a perfect movie/bar scene for you and your beau. Syndicated-goers can either choose to just drink, or can bring their drinks and hungry selves into their movie theater. Inside, you have full waiter service alongside a classic movie that's playing in front of you. Get drunk and indulge in Syndicated's films.

3. Bake Shop

Lily Sackman

Only four blocks down from my apartment, Bake Shop awaits me with bagels, to-die-for pastries, and neon lighting. Whether it be with an afternoon cup of tea or a bagel first thing in the morning, Bake Shop claims to have the "Best Chocolate Cake in the USA." Try everything the shop has to offer; it's all made from scratch.

4. Foster Sundry

This Bushwick hub is always bustling any weekend morning. Filled with groceries and one-of-a-kind sandwiches, Foster Sundry is a perfect spot to practice "phone eats first" due to its super photogenic interior. If you're in need of a delicious grab-and-go, Sundry is your place.

5. Nicandra's

If you're craving an Italian style brunch, thank me later. Bite into their Eggs Benedict topped with smoked salmon or avocado. Maybe you'd like to start your morning off right with steak and eggs? What's the point of taking a summer getaway to Italy when Bushwick has you covered?

6. Fine Time

Two things: booze and free food (seriously, free hotdogs and popcorn with every drink). And a bonus: gorgeous courtyard (rated #1 in Bushwick) while you're getting stuffed off of happy hour cocktails and hot dogs. Only disadvantage: this place is right around the corner from my apartment, meaning you'll find me drunk and deep-throating hot dogs on a Tuesday night. 

7.  Forrest Point

On the bustling street corner of Flushing Ave., Forrest Point has a magical courtyard out front to make up for your weeks inside at the office. Its "chic-rustic decor" will get you forgetting that this trendy restaurant used to be a gas station. Dig your teeth into their Middle Eastern cuisine, along with burgers, decadent sandwiches, boozy cocktails, and even ice cream sandwiches. Look up at the starry lights and spend your Friday pregames here.  

8. Little Mo

It's a Thursday night, you're craving Chinese in front of a TV with a shitty glass of wine. Little Mo is your destination hot spot for yummy Asian Fusion with an American twist. As late as 10pm, Little Mo can get to your front door in a heartbeat with spring rolls, marinated short-rib rice bowls, and soup, soup, soup. Little Mo is your Brooklyn destination for Asian Fusion cravings. 

9. Industry 1332

If you were to take a hike from Manhattan for a delicious meal, Industry 1332 is completely worth the subway fare. For all you tech-frenzy folk, Industry has you covered on photogenic Latin-American tapas and happy hour bevs. Start with chips and guac, stuffed avocado alongside the delicious corn tortilla chicken tacos. Want pasta instead? Industry has it. Want an alcohol-glazed meal? Try the Tequila infused Pork Chop. Dessert too? Churros. Come with a group, get drunk and eat to your heart's extent. You'll soon be moving here for Industry's food. 

10. Mixtape Bushwick

If you're a newly moved-in Brooklyn virgin (like me), Mixtape is your first to-go stop on a calm (and hungover) Saturday morning for bagels, coffee, and good conversation. Be nice to your baristas and rid your worries from any of last night's mistakes, and start your weekend mornings off right. Mixtape is a getaway and a complete refresher. People call Mixtape a "hole in the wall" for a reason.