Whether you're from Dallas or just visiting, you must savor the fact that unlike many other cities, there is delicious Mexican food on every corner of Dallas. Several of the popular Tex-Mex chains have gained such widespread praise that locations have opened up all over the country in an attempt to spread our culinary wealth.

No matter the location or atmosphere, you truly can't go wrong with Tex-Mex in Dallas. With that being said, some hot spots are more popular than others, due to their good food and even better vibes. Here are the ones we tend to frequent:


Must eat: Street Tacos

When Dallas natives think of the words "Tex-Mex" and "hang out," they probably almost immediately think of Primo's. Their huge, vibrant patio draws customers in, and their delicious food and drinks convince them to stay

Must drink: Margarita

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Maybe this is a basic choice, but every Monday and Tuesday these bad boys are only $2.00, so you really just have to trust me on this one. It's #WorthIt

Uncle Juilio's

Must eat: Fajitas

This Dallas original has gained several recognitions in the Dallas community, including "Best Plates", "Best Margaritas", and "Where to Find Real Tex-Mex". You can't go wrong with their sizzling platters served with plenty of grilled veggies, other toppings, and house made tortillas. 

Must drink: The Frozen Swirl Margarita

Do you want a frozen marg or a frozen sangria? Why choose? This amazing drink swirls the restaurant's two most popular drinks into one large, frosty glass. 

Cantina Laredo

Must eat: Enchiladas Veracruz

With a bit more class but still all the fun, Cantina Laredo prides itself on serving the finest modern Mexican cuisine, a favorite for families everywhere. The Enchilada Veracruz is a house favorite that you just have to try to figure out why. Chicken, spinach, and jack cheese in the best trio since the Three Amigos themselves.

Must drink: Cantina Mojito

A good change of pace from the typical Tex-Mex margarita, this mojito can be served with pomegranate, strawberry, or mango flavors to truly satisfy the wild-spring-break-girl in you. 


Must eat: Butch's Original Brisket Taco

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Texans don't love anything more than thick-cut brisket and warm, cheesy tacos. Mia's is "committed to providing the highest quality good with super fresh ingredients." This mission combined with their brightly colored interior just ensures you have to be merry here.

Must drink: Skinny Margarita

For those of you who are dieting but still want to have fun. Cheers! 


Must eat: Bob Armstrong Dip

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Mattito's has a more casual yet vibrant environment that serves as a favorite Tex-Mex hangout for people all over Dallas. The atmosphere here is always light and happy, but the drinks will make you even happier. Technically a secret menu item (you're welcome), this amazing combination of chile con queso, seasoned ground beef, guacamole, and a dollop of sour cream serves as the perfect beginning to a perfect meal.

Must drink: Rumbarita

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Blue Caraco and Gold Tequila with lime and lemon juices. You are limited to two per meal. Have your Uber ready.


Must eat: "Big As Yo Face" Burrito

This Austin-based chain is complete with amazing Tex-Mex dishes and servers dressed in quirky and pun-derful t-shirts, just to keep it interesting. Hungry? No problem. As advertised, their giant burritos come with your choice of meat filling, smothered in a sauce of your choosing. Simply amazing.

Must drink: Texas Martini

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Create your own with your choice of premium tequila and a choice of citrus liqueur mix. Served with jalapeño stuffed olives for an extra kick of flavor and fun. 


Must eat: Manny's Uptown Platter

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A delicious Tex-Mex eatery in walking-distance to the Uptown bars. It's every yuppie's dinner dreams come true. Technically, their famous Uptown Platter is an appetizer. But, if you share this with a friend or two, I guarantee you will be satisfied and will have tried a good portion of the menu by the end of the night.

Must drink: Peach Strawberry Margarita

For when you're feeling slightly girly and really fun, or you're just tired of the classic lime margarita. No judgment on your reasoning, because this drink is as tasty as it is pretty. 

Mi Cocina

Must eat: Sunset Fajitas

I would bet the scant amount of dollars in my bank account that if you were to ask anyone in Dallas what their go-to Tex-Mex chain is, they would immediately answer Mi Cocina. Spicy sunset cheese sauce, fried onion strings, and tender chicken or beef. Need I say more? 

Must drink: Mambo Taxi

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Another sangria/margarita fusion, and listed by Buzzfeed as one of the 101 Reasons You Should Live in Texas at Least Once in Your Life.