What more is there to say about burgers? They are one of the quintessential American foods. There are burgers for any occasion, at any price point, and there are many great burgers available to Boston University students within a short walk from campus. When it's cheat day and you need that perfect bite of juicy beef, melty cheese, fresh veg, and a soft bun, hit up one of these five spots that serve not only the best burgers near BU, but some of the best burgers in Boston.

Tasty Burger: The Treat Yourself Burger

Starting off strong with my personal go-to for any time I want to treat myself. The original Fenway Park location of Tasty Burger, just steps away from East Campus, has a retro vibe that so many people love about burger and shake joints—despite only being a decade old. Tasty Burger lives up to its name with its classically delicious smash burgers that deliver in quality and flavor, while still being affordable. Most of their special burgers cost a reasonable $6.50 while sporting delicious topping combos, such as the Rise 'n Shine with fried egg, bacon, cheese, and spicy ketchup; the Hubba with chili, cheese sauce, and scallions; or the ever-classic Big Tasty with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and tasty sauce. For sides, they have all of the classics you'd want: fries, tater tots, onion rings, and chicken nuggets, all fried and seasoned to perfection. They also serve delicious shakes, as well as some mini pies for dessert, all making Tasty Burger a favorite spot for the perfect burger meal. It's no wonder they're the Official Burger of the Boston Red Sox.

Nu Burger, Time Out Market: The Special Occasion Burger

This is the special occasion burger. The burger you get when you got that new job, or you aced that exam. Or maybe you're feeling a little adventurous and want to try a cool new place serving up innovative burger creations never seen before in Boston. Nu Burger, one of the newest additions to the popular Time Out Market in Fenway, is the brain child of the highly respected Chef Nina Festekjian, whose claim to fame comes from the world-renowned Armenian Lebanese restaurant, Anoush'ella. The wide range of burger concepts offered at Nu Burger are absolutely insane. For very special occasions you can treat yourself the decadent Umami Truffle burger with Pecorino Romano cheese, shaved truffles, tomato, balsamic shallot, arugula, a fried egg, and aioli; or the Artisan, which features Boursin cheese, roasted tomato, pickled onion, and lettuce. If you want something Asian inspired, try the Korean Bulgogi with a zesty slaw, pickled daikon, bulgogi beef, and spicy kimchi sauce, or go veg style with the Spicy Cauliflower, featuring their cauliflower-quinoa-cheddar veggie patty, avo-pistachio-pesto, red cabbage slaw, and NuSauce. There truly is something here for anyone wanting to indulge.

Rhett's Diner: The On-Campus Burger

Don't sleep on this on-campus option! Rhett's Diner in the George Sherman Union serves really solid burgers. They're a great option for BU students, since dining points can be used to purchase them. My personal favorite burger at Rhett's is actually their take on a meatless option, which features the Beyond Burger, lettuce, tomato, avocado spread, and chipotle mayo. Their burgers are flavorful and satisfying. They also serve great milkshakes, fries, chicken fingers, and brunch options like bagel sandwiches. Overall, this is a solid option for a quick, filling, satisfying meal on a student budget. 

Roxy's Grilled Cheese: The Hot Mess (in a good way) Burger

Be sure to ask for extra napkins when ordering one of Roxy's juicy, melty, cheesy burgers, because they are messy in the best possible way. Admittedly, not every burger on the menu is quite as delightfully melty as Justin's Burger, the insane burger creation with house made pimento cheese, grillo's pickles, caramelized onions, and chipotle mayo pictured above, but whatever you do order, you'll be in for some down-the-arm-drip action. Originally a food truck, Roxy's has a convenient location in Allston that is perfect for any meal from lunch to a late-night treat. As their name promises, they are primarily known for their creative takes on grilled cheese sandwiches, but they also happen to serve up a classic lineup of smash burgers that will satisfy all of your beef-and-cheese needs. As a grilled cheese spot, Roxy's has built their melty, gooey identity into their burgers, which feature locally sourced ingredients like cheeses from Cabot and Maplebrook Farm, bread from Iggy's and Pain D'avignon, and meat from Kinnealy Meat Co. Plus, their burgers aren't too big, so you can easily get away with trying some of the other stars of their menu like grilled cheese sandwiches, truffle fries, or poutine.

Lulu's Allston: The Trendy Burger

Most students love Lulu's for their trendy brunch options like eggs benny and avocado toast or their dressed-up versions of comfort food classics such as fried chicken, short rib mac & cheese, and St. Louis ribs. However, the reason it is here on this list: they have hands down some of the best burgers in Boston. Period. Their selection of burgers is simple and confident, currently consisting of three traditional burgers and one vegetarian Beyond Burger. The Lulu's O.G. Smash Burger is everything you'd want from a dressed-up-trendy-restaurant-style smash burger: 2 smashed patties, Vermont Cheddar, Secret Sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion on a Sesame Seed Roll. I am somebody who likes to give every restaurant an even shot by trying the most basic items first, then spicing it up on future visits; however on first visit I simply could not resist the Speck Burger with crispy speck, crispy shallots, bacon-onion jam, and Justin's Cheese Sauce. Everything about the burger was perfect, from the rich, unctuous beef, to the crispy umami toppings and the gooey cheese sauce. And to top it all off, the fries that accompanied the amazing burger were the best fries that I tried while researching for this article. Next time you're at Lulu's, I highly recommend that you try the burger—you won't regret it.