Can't seem to find a seat in Dirac or Strozier? Expand your horizons to local coffee shops around Tallahassee and get your studying done while fueled by a delicious cup of coffee.

Black Dog on the Square

Black Dog on the Square is a blueberry colored cottage nestled in Railroad Square Art Park. Surrounded by galleries and a growing art community, this shop prides itself in its extensive display of artwork and showcasing local performers.

With ample seating both inside and outside and free wifi on the weekdays, you're in for a productive study session. The picturesque outdoor lighting will enable you to keep chugging past sunset. The Black Dog Cafe encourages conversation and community building, so bring a study buddy or two. The best part? Board games are available for study breaks.

Follow their Facebook for upcoming performance information here.

Calvin's Coffee House

Calvin's is a stone's throw away from Westcott, so you can keep your hard-fought parking spot on campus while you study. The shop is located within UKirk, formerly known as Presbyterian University Center. Follow the coffee cups painted on the sidewalk, and you will stumble upon their bright blue picnic tables. Beyond outdoor seating, the doors open up to a huge study area complete with a fireplace, booths, large group tables, and couches.

Calvin's is serving up Lucky Goat Coffee, tea, lemonade, and occasionally a selection of pastries to the students that dip in for a study session in between classes. You're likely to see friends from campus inside because it's a well-loved student spot. Addison Mathis, co-manager of Calvin's, says, "Our motto, 'love people, love coffee' is really what we're there for— and it’s notable that the people come first!"

Beyond coffee, Calvin's has your back when you're in a fix and can't make it back to the dorms or apartments for help. Mathis says, "We have a 'comfort station' with medicines and stain removers and condoms for our customers [and] community, as well as feminine hygiene products in our bathroom! We try really hard to make people feel welcome, and we try to meet their needs beyond caffeine." This all-around study spot is a convenient and friendly environment for students.

When you're done with that essay, be sure to check up on their Instagram and Facebook accounts for announcements of their upcoming events. Find it here.

Catalina Cafe

You may recognize Catalina's Gaines Street location from the gigantic mural of Rosie the Riveter on the side. Beyond a large outdoor space for events, high-top tables give way to the cafe's entrance. The garage door window is quite literally a breath of fresh air and provides a great view of the outdoors, so you don't get that caged-in feeling you get in a windowless library.

Catalina is known for their signature lattes. A favorite is 'Zoe's Revenge' which features white chocolate and homemade tiramisu syrups. These sweet drinks certainly take the edge off of arduous papers. Breakfast and lunch menus are available all day, and gluten-free bread can be substituted in any order.

Power Plant Cafe

You've likely walked your dog to Cascades, or have seen a slew of brunch Instagrams from The Edison, but did you know a hidden gem below The Edison exists? Enter, Power Plant Cafe.

The Power Plant Cafe is a smaller space but offers two large group tables, perfect for working on projects, as well as a handful of solo spots. It is harder to find cafes with larger tables, and this beats fighting over a table in Dirac for your large study group any day. The ambiance is cozy and quiet, which is beneficial for focusing. 

You can also get all of the goodness of Catalina Cafe's coffee menu here too, as well as seasonal smoothies and juices. Furthermore, their quick bites menu is supplied with food from the Edison, so you know you're in for a treat.

Sweet Shop

If you go to FSU, you know of Sweet Shop. The building has been around since 1921 and was converted into the Sweet Shop we know and love in 1924. It's located a few steps away from campus, right next to SouthGate apartments. It's an excellent place for group study, an interview, or a brainstorm session. Outdoor seating on the front porch is also an option for those wanting a great view of campus while they enjoy the sunshine.

The menu is the most extensive selection around for a cafe; frappes, smoothies, teas, floats, chai lattes, and shakes come in a multitude of flavors. If you're hungry, the options of wraps and sandwiches are also plentiful. Be sure to pair it with a giant fruit cup, or an infamous brownie sundae to sweeten the study session.