I admit it—I am a sushi addict. When picking where to go to college, I had to be sure that there were many reputable and tasty sushi restaurants to choose from. Luckily, Emory is in the middle of a city with an ever-expanding array of sushi options. These eight restaurants are the best of the best when it comes to sushi near campus. 

1. Miso Izakaya 

Miso Izakaya is pretty much the absolute favorite of Emory students (probably for its uber-fresh sushi). A must-try item, although not sushi, is the "Shoyu Tamago" which is an egg perched perfectly atop a rice cake to create the perfect bite. My go-to entrée items are the spicy tuna roll and the salmon avocado roll. Both are made with deliciously fresh fish and house made sushi rice.

2. Thaicoon

Alison Plourde

Notable for its location only a few short minutes off campus, Thaicoon offers an array of Japanese and Thai-style dishes. The spicy tuna cracker is a great appetizer to share. Spicy tuna sandwiched between two layers of rice, tempura battered, and lightly cooked, this dish is one of the stars of the menu. For your main course, order the Kamikaze Roll (spicy tuna with avocado and tempura crunch) or the Double Shrimp Roll (shrimp tempura topped with fresh shrimp and avocado) and you'll be good to go! 

3. O-ku Sushi 

This hip eatery situated in an industrial-style building approaches sushi with a southern flair. The hamachi carpaccio, lobster temaki, or salmon tartare make great starters and the variety of special rolls make sure that there is something that everyone will like. It is kind of far from campus compared to the other restaurants on this list, but the sushi is definitely worth the drive.   

4. Umi Sushi

sushi, rice, fish
Olivia Katz

Umi Sushi located in Buckhead has everything you want and more. Sophisticated and sleek decor make it the perfect restaurant for parents weekend. Upscale sushi starters such as spicy tuna crispy rice and a red snapper carpaccio lead the way to rolls filled with tuna, salmon, crab, lobster, and more.

5. The One Sushi +

salmon, smoked salmon
Emily Goldner

Between the spicy tuna "on the rocks" and the yellowtail jalapeno "shots" this restaurant offers traditional Japanese fare with a modern twist. Creative rolls with names like "O.M.G," "#Selfie," and "Gangnam Style" are all super-tasty options. Especially good is the "Bang Bang Rock Shrimp", tempura shrimp in a sweet and spicy sauce. Its location right in Buckhead is close to shopping and bars so you can knock out all you need in one trip. 

6. RA Sushi

cucumber, vegetable, salad, rice
Zoe Katsamakis

Head down to midtown for RA sushi and don't forget to order the "RA lollipop" which is a skewer with a cucumber wrapped sushi roll filled with tuna, salmon, and asparagus. Since i'm a (huge) fan of fruit in my sushi I LOVE the Mango Lobster Roll. And you can't not order the mochi ice cream for dessert.   

7. Craft Izakya

Located right in Krog Street Market at Inman Park, Craft Izakaya brings together delicious sushi and upscale drinks for the perfect Saturday night dinner with friends. Try the spicy tuna avocado ball (pictured above) or the salmon belly with warm tomatoes over sushi rice. The boba cocktails are super cool and complement any sushi roll well. 

8. Sushi Avenue 

sushi, tuna, salmon, shrimp, rice
Brittany Gelman

Only minutes away from campus in Decatur, Sushi Ave fulfills two must-haves: fresh sushi and a close location.  Try the Decatur Roll or the Clairmont Roll for your main course or the udon or ramen if you're not in the mood for sushi (if that every really happens to you!).

There are so many sushi spots in Atlanta, but these eight the best of the best when it comes to fresh and delicious sushi close to campus. With whatever you order at these places, you absolutely cannot go wrong.