Perhaps the biggest love all college students share is the love for Chai. Be it breakfast, brunch, snack time, or literally any hour of the day, chai lovers don't need a reason or place to have a cup of amazingly warm tea. The said elixir is known to cure headaches, sleep problems and almost everything else that could go wrong with a person. 

So go ahead and try out these amazing places that serve tea in the best and most unique ways ever.

1. The Chai Story

Aditya Rao
Divya Bajaj

Located at a number of places in the NCR, including Kamla Nagar and Connaught Place, The Chai Story serves some of the most delectable tea you can get along with absolutely delicious food. The Cheese Pizza I tried instantly became my favorite. And, guess what? The Chai Story also has yummy waffles on its menu! 

If that's not all, they have a special offer which gives you one cutting chai for just 1 Rupee on a bill of 100Rs. They even have board games like ludo and chess to help you enjoy to the fullest with the people you're hanging out with. 

Does anyone even need any more reasons to visit the place asap?

2. Cha Bar

Aditya Rao

Cha Bar is a small yet heavily crowded café which sits cosily in the Oxford Bookstore, Connaught Place. One of the best places to go to when you want to simply read alone or catch up with a friend or two over a kettle of herbal tea, this is a must visit café.

Serving an uncountable number of teas with all types of herbs and leaves, Cha Bar also offers some epic pastries and other food. 

3. Chai Point

Aditya Rao

Again, a café having multiple outlets, Chai Point has amazing hot teas as well as iced teas. The ambience is absolutely great and they also let you take away your iced tea bottle as a souvenir.

4. Chaayos

Aditya Rao

The concept of Chaayos is creatively unique, as the seating arrangement is extremely chaotic, with tables and chairs being put in small rooms here and there. It is one of those places you simply have to be once to know how charismatic it is. Chaayos serves some delicious tea in a kullad, and not only that, they even have Pakoras and jalebis and everything else that gets your desi blood flowing.  

5. Sudama

Divya Bajaj

A simple, small yet extremely famous tea point, it is the one true love of all the North Campus students. Sudama is the perfect place to meet up people or just chill with a hot cup of tea, specially in this chilly weather. 

6. TPot

With a total of 19 outlets in the NCR, Tpot is the place to be for any tea lover. They even serve some delicious sandwiches and wraps. Their delivery services happen to be just as great as their friendly staff.

7. Nukkadwala

When you miss the yummy roadside Maharashtrian food, head towards your nearest Nukkadwala, and I promise you won't be disappointed. The masala tea they serve is unmatchable, and the vada pav and dabeli is a must try.