What's warm, gooey, and better by the dozen? Donuts! If you're anything like me, you treat every day like National Donut Day. My love for donuts has taken me all around my hometown stomping grounds, the good ole' DMV (for out of towners, that's The District, Maryland, and Virginia), in search of the perfect, pillowy bite. Here's a list of my top five go-to donut places. Hope you're hungry.

1. 202 Donuts

Located in Bethesda, Maryland, 202 Artisanal Donuts Co. makes their donuts fresh every morning. The donuts are handmade in small batches and they taste like home. One of my personal favorites is the dulce de leche donut. The fluffy dough is lightly coated in granulated sugar and filled with a delicious heavenly, caramel cream. It melts in your mouth. Yum-o.  

2. Fractured Prune

doughnut, chocolate, sweet, pastry
Erin O'Connor

In various locations around Maryland and Virginia, Fractured Prune donuts are a summer classic because the franchise originated in the beach town of Ocean City, Maryland in 1976. With a slightly more cake-like dough, these donuts are custom made and served hot! You're given your choice of glaze and toppings. My favorite is the raspberry glaze with chocolate jimmies and powdered sugar. It's just the right mix of fruity and sweet.

3. Duck Donuts     

chocolate, cream
Erin O'Connor

Originally from Duck, North Carolina, these popular treats have made their way to the DMV. Similar to Fractured Prune, Duck Donuts allows you to customize. These donuts are a little bit thicker and definitely are more filling and dense. At Duck Donuts, the maple bacon donut is a must-try. The crispy bits of bacon cover the sweet maple glaze making for the perfect balance of salty, sweet goodness. Mmhm.

4. Astro Donuts and Fried Chicken

doughnut, chocolate, cream, cake
Erin O'Connor

In the heart of D.C, this small shop specializes in donuts and fried chicken. Can it get any better? With only a small selection of donuts on the menu each day, the choices are always a surprise. These limited-edition donuts offer a unique selection of exotic flavors. On any given day, choices might include PB&J, creme brûlée, birthday cake, root beer float, and even seasonal specials like cherry blossom (PB&J can't be missed. I'm a sucker for anything jelly filled).

5. Krispy Kreme  

A faithful classic with all-night drive-thru hours on the weekends. You can never go wrong with a simple glazed Krispy Kreme donut. 

Any way you frost it, donuts are truly the best. Donuts for breakfast, lunch, and dessert - why not? You seriously can't go wrong with these tasty treats. So, pick your favorite... or try a dozen.