Although Melbourne CBD is home to thousands of amazing cafés, some excellent places for brunch can also be found in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The bonus to dining in the 'burbs include easy (and often free) parking, less crowds, a more relaxed atmosphere, and the food is just as good (if not better). Read on to find out some of my favorite brunch spots.

1. Aunt Billie's

avocado, salad
Karlein Kwong

Located in the leafy suburb of Blackburn, Aunt Billie's is one cafe that is a must for the brunchers of suburbia. The cafe has a very warm atmosphere, pretty yellow lights, nice timbre furnishings, and the staff are always super friendly and nice.

The food is also always fresh and servings are generous. My favourite menu option is the super food bowl because of how healthy and tasty it is. Every mouthful is like a nutritional explosion of kale, quinoa, grains and almonds. 

2. Three Monkeys Place

Karlein Kwong

Three Monkeys Place is a whole lotta fun. Their signature dish is the Sweet Monkey. It is a very beautiful dish with eye-popping vibrancy. It is creamy because of the mascarpone, crunchy because of the roti pancake, and tangy from the mixed berries. For those of you who are after a meal that's both delicious and pretty, Three Monkeys Place in Doncaster East is the place to be.

3. Miss Peppercorn

Karlein Kwong

Miss Peppercorn is a hidden gem of Melbourne's eastern suburbs. Located in Blackburn and tucked away from the main road, it's not easily spotted. Their food is very simple with a home-style feel to it, and is very healthy. The dishes at Miss Peppercorn are very light, and very refreshing, with no guilt factor or bloat factor involved.

I would recommend their Breakfast Bircher Board (avo, eggs, bircher muesli, OJ, yogurt), or their smashed avo on rye. Their smoothies and selection of cakes in the front cabinet are also fab.

4. Baba Sus

Karlein Kwong

Baba Sus is a café that should definitely be on any foodie's bucket list. Savour the deliciousness of Baba Sus's signature Hong Kong Egg Waffle dish, as well as their delicious take on Asian-fusion cuisine. For food photographers, this cafe will not disappoint in terms of Instagram-worthy food photos. The café is located right next door to Burwood train station.

5. Oasis Bakery 

rice, sushi, cake
Karlein Kwong

Oasis Bakery in Murrumbeena is your one stop shop, housing a grocery store, a bakery selling fresh pastries and cheeses, and a cafe serving Middle Eastern dishes. I highly recommend the Lebanese Breakfast Board. If eggs and avocado brunches aren't really your thing, Oasis Bakery also has an awesome array of kebabs, pizzas and burgers.

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So what are you waiting for? It's time to venture into the eastern suburbs and try out some of these places.