Your days of sneaking bites of raw cookie dough from the bowl are over thanks to today's cookie dough obsession. It seems that every dessert nowadays is inspired by or infused with everyone's favorite treat, and we're 100% here for it. Edible cookie dough is all the rage (as if you didn't eat in when it wasn't "edible"). Read on to find out all the best spots to indulge in edible cookie dough in Ann Arbor. 

Ben and Jerrys

Not only does Ben and Jerry's boast a large menu of ice cream flavors full of cookie dough, they also sell their sweet creation on a stick and dipped in chocolate. Want the deliciousness to never end? Now you can buy their cookie dough in a few different flavors to keep at home and snack on as you please. Don't mind if I do, or should I say "dough"? 

Moon Cafe

Is regular fro-yo just not cutting it for you? Sweeten up your swirled frozen yogurt at Moon Cafe on State St. with a generous helping of cookie dough. Each bowl gets two toppings, so why not choose cookie dough for both of them? 

Detroit Dough

Detroit Dough, a local, edible cookie dough company, makes edible cookie dough in flavors such as sugar, chocolate chip, and brownie. Their dough is made with all natural ingredients and is "Safe. Delicious. Ready to Eat". 

Look for their cute, pink cart at University of Michigan football games as well as basketball games. 

Obviously, there are tons of desserts waiting to be cookie dough-ified. Whether you eat it by the spoon at a basketball game or on top of fro-yo, enjoy this delicious dessert *safely*. You can even make your own. Again, who ever read the "do not consume raw dough" label anyways? At least you tried.