Hello! My name is Michelle, an avant-garde, self proclaimed foodie. I'm currently a sophomore in college, and one thing I’ve noticed about living in Baltimore is how strong of a food culture this city has. And because of this freedom to choose what to eat and where, I’ve been pretty obsessed with going out for brunch, and I’ve noticed that I specifically order french toast due to my massive sweet tooth. I set out to try out the french toasts at as many breakfast joints in the city as I could, and thousands of pictures and a satiated belly later, these are, in my opinion, the top 3 spots for good french toast in Baltimore.

1. Water for Chocolate

Water for chocolate is the perfect hole in the wall brunch spot in Fells Point! Not only is the price for this raisin bread french toast cheap, the quality of food is superb and the service is extremely friendly. When I entered the small, hole-in-the-wall brunch spot, I noticed that the store could only seat around 5 or 6 parties. This definitely gave me more home vibes, but the french toast more than made up for the wait.

Michelle Chiu

The french toast was drizzled in a creme anglaise that eliminated the need for adding syrup on top. What impressed me the most about this dish was the fact that it was so well complemented by the variety of fruits, including black berries, grapes, and strawberries. Not overly sweet at all, and super enjoyable to look at, as well as to eat!

2. Miss Shirleys Cafe

Michelle Chiu

When I went to Miss Shirleys Cafe, I decided to order the stuffed coconut cream french toast, which included caramelized bananas, whipped cream, and custard stuffed challah bread to create the ultimate combination. The portion size was huge, which made it perfect for sharing with friends. This french toast was definitely very rich in flavor, and I really appreciated the variety of options Miss Shirleys sold, especially seeing that they also sold seasonal french toasts such as pumpkin cheesecake french toast and cinnamon raisin french toast. Needless to say, this was a brunch place that I have definitely come back to!

3. Blue Moon Cafe

Michelle Chiu

One of Blue Moon Cafe's specialty dishes is their Cap'n Crunch French toast. Consisting of a variety of seasonal fruits, lightly whipped cream, and captain crunch encrusted french toast, this dish was light and delicious, and not as sweet as you would expect! The crunchiness gave the french toast a kick that contrasted with the cream, making it easily one of the best french toasts I have ever tried. Along with the assorted fruits, this french toast brought out a hearty yet light flavor that worked very well. There are also two locations that you could try this specialty dish at, Blue Moon Cafe and Blue Moon Too, in case the wait was too long at one of the stores!

When it comes to visiting the city, all three breakfast joints (and their respective french toasts) are a definite yes in my book. And check out some more brunch recommendations here!