American Thai food has gained popularity over the decade for its fragrant use of spices and for having a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. As a Pitt student, I am living amongst some of the best (and cheapest!) Thai food on the East coast. Below, I have taken the liberty "ranking" the top 10 Thai Restaurants in Pittsburgh, based on price, ambience, and taste. Trust me, these place are to "thai" for.

10. Spice Island Tea House, Oakland

Located in the heart of South Oakland, Spice Island Tea House offers an eclectic mix of asian dishes, such as Malaysian-style Beef Curry and Singapore Noodles. The quaint and dimly lit atmosphere makes Spice Island the perfect spot for a date or to impress your parents (and slip them the check).

9. Nikky's Thai Kitchen, Downtown

Nikky's Thai Kitchen offers some classic Thai dishes that'll be sure to burn your Kishkas out. Fan favorites include the Basil Chicken Stir-Fry,  Thai-Style Fried Rice, and Crab Rangoons. And with locations in Northside and Downtown, this spicy noodle haven is only a bus ride away.

8. Pusadee's Garden, Lawrenceville

Elegant, inexpensive, and botanical, Pusadee's Garden is home to some of the most authentic (and spicy) Thai dishes in the city. While there are over 40 dishes to choice from, everything is crafted with detail and love. Personal favorites include the Kee Meo Noodle and Spicy Pork Dumpling.

7. Thai Cottage, Edgewood

This chic, casual eatery makes some of the best Pad Thai in the 'burgh. With huge portions for a decent price, you won't be leaving on an empty stomach. There are also a plethora of vegan options that are equally delicious (I recommend the Tofu bites). While it is a bit of a hike from campus, hop on the 61D, it will take you right there!

6. Smiling Banana Leaf, Highland Park

Don't let the tiny tables and cheeky name discourage you. Smiling Banana leaf offers authentic Thai dishes with flavor that packs a punch, including housemade Red Curry, Chicken Satay, and Tom Yum. And with lunch specials for only $9 and Dinner for $11, Smiling Banana Leaf has some of cheapest Thai food in the city.

5. Bangkok Balcony, Squirrel Hill

This upscale (and upstairs) Thai restaurant offers all the favorites in an elegant atmosphere. While I'd trade my kidney for their Lemon Grass Noodles, Google reviewers rave about their curries, spring rolls and soups. And if you're trying to spend lightly, go for lunch! Lunch specials run Monday-Sunday and include Pad Thai, Miso Soup and salad all for under $8. 

4. Thai Cuisine, Bloomfield

I went here on a rainy, October Friday night after a chemistry mid-term and was revived. I could take a bath in their Tom Yum Chicken Soup (i'm not kidding), and their "Drunken Noodles" are some of the best in all of Pittsburgh. A little pricey, but great for an anniversary or if you want to treat yo'self.

3. Thai Me Up, South Side

Chic, casual, and a punny name, Thai Me Up easily earns itself a spot amongst the top 3. Prices are good (Pad Thai Dinner Entree only $11) and portions are generous. Comfortable seating and plenty of parking at the shopping center next door. More impressively, its the only Thai Restaurant that offers Thai Chicken Wings. I see you, Thai Me Up. I see you.

2. Noodlehead, Shadyside

With a 4.5 ranking on Google, Yelp, and virtually every social media platform, Noodlehead's fame amongst the PGH community made me reluctant to write about it at all. But alas, I caved because, well, its pretty damn good. From classic Thai dishes like Pad Thai and Kee Mao to more modern dishes like Street Noodle #1, everything is top-notch and as spicy as you'd like. Plus, the trendy atmosphere makes it perfect for a date with friends, family, fiancé, someone you met on Tinder, or yourself (hey, no one's judging). And if that's not enough, all meals are under $10. Seriously Noodlehead, stop bragging.

1. Thai Gourmet, Bloomfield

It doesn't look like much, with its humble pink walls and neon green window sign. But rest assured, Thai Gourmet, nestled in the heart of the Bloomfield boro, has some of the best Thai food on this continent. With a plethora of traditional dishes, including Green Curry Noodle, Tom Yum, and Pad Kee Meo, the place never skimps on spice. (Please, don't be a hero and order a 10...your bowels will thank you in the morning). Not only is the food sublime, but the portions are Thai-gantic—and cheap! With noodle dishes, curries, and entrees for only $10, Thai Gourmet also offers a free BYOB service. And unlike Noodlehead, they are NOT cash only. We appreciate you, Thai Gourmet.

Whether you're craving Pad Thai or Mussaman Curry, use this list as a guide for your future Thai-eating adventures. And as always, don't be afraid to "Thai" someplace new!