A new movie theater just opened near me in Trexlertown, PA and I feel that it is my foodie responsibility to share it with the world. It's called Movie Tavern and it totally revamps the whole idea of "dinner and a movie".

Naturally, I had to try it, so me and my movie date (aka my mom)  walked in not knowing what to expect and we were very pleasantly surprised. It looked upscale in comparison to the typical movie theater so we may have been a little underdressed in our sweatpants and hoodies.

There was a bar when you first walk in, giving it a cooler, more "downtown" vibe.

Despite there being a bar there was no typical snack stand. My mom and I were confused since we are avid movie-goers and always need our popcorn and soda. Little did we know what was waiting for us inside the theater.

We noticed that each seat had a personal "table" with a button on top. That button summons a waiter to come take your order, and whether you want a meal from their full-blown menu or just a small bag of popcorn, you are able to order it with a push of a button.

The options on the menu are extensive and are just like your favorite restaurant. You're definitely not limited to the typical nachos and pretzels (but if you're feeling that, they have those too). After flipping through about 5 pages of booze options, we started looking through the food choices.

After much deliberation, I ordered the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, which was described on the menu as "a toasted, whole grain bun with our roasted red pepper hummus spread and a tender marinated grilled chicken breast, topped with chopped iceberg salad. A cup of fresh fruit completes the dish." My meal was a mere 675 calories.

My mom ordered the Portabella Mushroom Black Angus & Swiss Burger, which is described on the menu as a "perfectly seasoned and grilled seven-ounce black Angus and brisket chuck patty dressed with Swiss cheese, a flavorful marinated portabella mushroom, mouth-watering bacon, shredded lettuce, Roma tomatoes, bread and butter pickles, and our house-made Tavern aioli. Served with Seasoned Fries." This one comes in at 1710 calories.

(Below is a photo I took of our picks on the menu).

Taylor Henderson

In theory, the waiter can come back to your seat at any time during the movie upon a push of your button, but we were seeing A Simple Favor and were way too invested in the story to think about ordering more food. (Surprising huh?)

The dessert options were very tempting, though.

Everyone loves the classic dinner and a movie date and now the idea is back and better than ever. If you're feeling envious of my experience, no worries, there are many Movie Tavern locations in the US, so click here to find out if there's one near you.

Bring your mom, bring a friend, or a date, because why go to a restaurant and a movie when you can do both at the same time?