Unless you have discovered a secret dining hall with endless amounts of options, you have probably ordered in while studying at Syracuse University.

There is no better feeling than getting an, “Oh, yeah, your food is on the way,” text from GrubHub, followed by a phone call from a random number signaling that moment when your life is about to become amazing. You rip open the bag and the rest is history.

The food selections at SU may not be endless, but there are enough choices to make it hard to complain too much. Here’s your essential guide for the next four years.

What to eat when you’re rejected at DJs, Harrys, and Lucy’s all in the same night: Acropolis


Photo by Tara Botwinick

Cure your underage blues with a classic slice of pizza. The battle for the best slice on Marshall is always up for debate, but since Acrop doesn’t close until 2 am, this place is more pumpin’ than DJ’s on 18-and-under night.

What to eat when you make it through an entire Human Sex class without cracking an inappropriate joke: King David’s (aka King “D”)

You should order here because that’s what she said.

What to eat when the temperature is -28° and you can’t brave the cold: Taste of India

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There aren’t many who can say they have lived through winters like we have. We have experienced days when you can’t feel your toes and you don’t even remember what it was like to see the sun. When you run out of ways to warm up, try Taste of India. Those spicy flavors will heat up your mouth and warm your spirit like no other.

What to eat when you make it through your 8am Friday recitation: Just-1-Bite

Photo Courtesy of Yelp

Photo Courtesy of Yelp

Having a Friday class is worse than having an 8 am, but, oh wait, you have both! Damn, that sucks. If you somehow make it through this series of unfortunate events, treat yourself to a top notch breakfast afterwards. Order the Big Bite Platter and pray your teacher cancels next week’s class.

What to eat when you wake up with many “ragrets”: Alto Cinco

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We’ve all had those mornings when you wake up with nothing but blurry memories from the night before. But have no fear — Alto Cinco breakfast burritos are here. Forget about those drunk texts and go for the guac. Who cares if it’s extra?

What to eat when you just can’t stomach another Ernie sandwich: Beer Belly Deli and Pub

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Your first days eating in the dining hall are exciting with bottomless bowls of Captain Crunch and a sea of seemingly endless options, but after a week you come to realize that you’ve made a terrible mistake.

Suddenly the thought of waiting on line for a slab of mystery meatloaf is enough to make you long for your mom’s special school lunches with the crusts cut off. If you’re dreaming of an awesome sandwich, try Beer Belly Deli and Pub. The Chicken Bacon Ranch Po Boy will keep you from ever swiping into Ernie again.

What to eat when Kent sends you a 5-page email: A La Mode

Photo by Carly Ginsberg

Photo by Carly Ginsberg

We have all received those messages from our dear Chancellor, Kent Syverud, which are usually longer than the assigned reading for your ETS class. If you want a nice sandwich waiting for you after you finish Kent’s “novel of the week,” order up some A La Mode. The delivery time will give you an opportunity to read every detail and even extra time to discuss!

What to eat when you’re finally 21 in college: Chucks Café

Photo by Hannah Friedland

Photo by Hannah Friedland

Congratulations! You are allowed into to the most elite club in Syracuse. After you take in the huge amount of graffiti on the wall, order yourself something amazingly adult. I recommend the Fried Mac and Cheese.

What to eat when you’re stuck in the basement of Bird all night: Jimmy John’s

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If you’re actually in the basement of Bird, the chances that you get any work done are pretty slim. We all know you’re only there so you can tell your parents that you “spent all night in the library.” Order some Jimmy Johns and get out of there freaky fast.

What to eat while you Netflix and chill: Calios

Yes, that is a brownie calzone?

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There is nothing more annoying than when Netflix asks you if you are still watching. YES, NETFLIX, I’M STILL WATCHING! After getting into a fight with your computer, calm down and order Calios. Your calzone will never ask you if you’re still eating.

What to eat after a winning Syracuse basketball game: Number 1 Kitchen

boeheim copy

Photo by Kevin Burke, Photoshop by Tara Botwinick

‘Cause we’re number 1, duh.