I'll have a you pick two with the bacon turkey bravo no tomato, a French onion soup, bread, and a small drink. If you can't say your Panera order in under 15 seconds then you obviously don't go there enough. My friends and I have even grown to laugh at the customers who don't know what they want to order by the time they get to the counter.

Over the past semester Panera has become a safe haven for us. After enduring classes all week we would treat ourselves to a little Panera Friday. Although the food is magical and the environment is cozy, even Panera has its sometimes chaotic moments.

Lines, lines lines

Panera has become such a popular hot spot that at times the line is out the door. No, the line is not "just long", it is literally going out the door. I remember a time when my friends and I were stuck outside Panera in line in 30 degree weather just waiting to order our "you pick twos". Our love for bread is the only thing that kept us going. 

Get Ready to Run 

One thing that never fails to make me laugh is when the workers have to call your name over the loudspeaker when your order is ready. You know that once they say your name at a normal level you only have about .5 seconds to get to the counter until they yell: NICOLE, YOUR BACON TURKEY BRAVO NO TOMATO AND FRENCH ONION SOUP IS READY. Hearing your name over that loud speaker always adds a little bit of awkward to your meal. 

You'll Get Through This

There is nothing more depressing then the days Panera runs out of certain meals. All you did in class was sit there and daydream about the cheese and crunchy croutons that come in your beloved french onion soup, but when you arrive, you are devastated to find out that they have run out. Suddenly, you have become that costumer at the counter who doesn't know what to order. One must accept defeat and order a back up while putting up a brave face.

Anyone who is a regular at Panera has experienced one of these little glitches at least once. However, that doesn't change the fact that it is always the place everyone thinks of first for a quick and healthy meal. We all have one thing in common, and that's our passion for bread.