There is something so special about Sunday brunches. They give you the chance to slow down, feel classy, and enjoy the morning without a care in the world, other than maybe how you like your eggs. If you’re looking for the most #artsy place in Vermont to do brunch this weekend, the Starving Artist Café is the place for you.

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Isabella Alessandrini

Located on Shelburne Road, it’s a bit removed from the bustle of downtown Burlington which gives it a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere. From the outside, you might walk right past it thinking it’s someone’s home, but that would be a big mistake. Big. Huge! This cozy, creative little cafe is tucked inside of the Davis Studio, a studio space for artists of all ages. Its brunch menu is a gem all by itself, featuring dishes cleverly named after artists that will make every art nerd smile. However, you definitely do not have to be an art history major to appreciate how yummy the food is! 


Of the 9 dishes on the menu, 5 of them star eggs, and all of them are delicious. I went for the Monet’s Garden omelette, which was a French folded omelette filled with goat cheese, spinach and mushrooms. On the side, it came with an amazing autumn root veggie hash, whole grain toast, and fresh fruit. I was seriously torn between this omelette and the “Frida & Diego,” which are eggs Mexican style, purely because of my love for Frida Kahlo. It took forever to decide what to order because I felt like I had to choose my favorite artist, not just what I wanted for brunch!

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Isabella Alessandrini

Art puns for everyone

If you feel like brunching on something other than eggs, the Starving Artist has a bunch of other classics to start your Sunday right. For a gluten-free traditional pick, “Whistler’s Mother’s oatmeal” is super comforting and packed with plant-based protein. If you’re feeling more modern (or Cubist to be precise), why not try a stack of “Pablo Picasso’s Palettable Pancakes?” The “Vincent Van Goghgurt” will also give you a great impression (get it?) since it features yogurt made at a local Vermont dairy farm and is topped with homemade granola.

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Isabella Alessandrini

Save room for dessert!

The portions at this café are so generous that you definitely will not be starving any longer after your meal, but make sure to leave some room because yet another adorable perk about coming here is the dessert trolley, which makes a stop at your table when you finish. The trolley is wheeled over by the waitress and piled so high with seasonal treats that it would be a shame not to sample at least one (or all three like I did). They were all scrumptious and tasted like the kind of home cooking that one definitely misses after eating at dining halls all semester.

Isabella Alessandrini

The menu isn’t the only artistic thing about this café. After you’ve eaten, be sure to walk around and feast your eyes on the beautiful art decorating the walls. Many of the paintings hanging are for sale by local artists, and there are also some lovely murals to see. Everything about the cozy atmosphere makes it easy to want to linger around for while and maybe even create some art of your own.

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Isabella Alessandrini
The Starving Artist Café is the perfect place for the typical starving college student, even one on a budget, to brunch and feed your creativity.
tea, coffee
Isabella Alessandrini