This just in: Sweetgreen has released their new Toro Bowl. If you're looking for a warm bowl with a hot kick, this is the one for you. Sweetgreen's Boston locations teamed up with the award-winning chef of Toro to feature a Spanish-inspired salad this month only.

chili, parsley, tomato, meat, corn, pepper, vegetable
Margaret Ross

It has warm quinoa, roasted potatoes, and hot chickpeas, making it a heavier bowl. The star of the bowl is, of course, the sweet signature mixture of roasted corn, tomatoes, and salsa. 

The hot sauce and jalapeños are not overpoweringly spicy, and the radishes add a crunchy kick. If you aren't a big fan of spicy, get the hot sauce on the side. 

This May, if you need to switch it up from your #basic Kale Caesar, we recommend the Toro bowl!