Happy Hour is something that usually lasts for multiple hours and is every broke person's personal godsend. I mean, who doesn't love discounted booze? I know I sure do. Having lived in New York my whole life, I'd like to share the 6 best happy hour deals that you can find right here in the city.

1. The Flying Cock

With happy hour being daily from 4-7pm, there's never a bad day to snag some happy hour deals at The Flying Cock. When their specialty drink is $7 instead of $14-$15 and their beers and house wine are all $7, there will always be something for you to drink without having to break your piggy bank.

2. Pop & Pour Cafe

Pop n Pour has happy hour deals ranging from food dishes being $6 to glasses of wine also being $6 to $10. My favorite happy hour deal here is their $6 glass of Vino Verde, which is similar to Pinot Grigio, but crisper. Their $6 chicken skewers aren't bad either, and that too is a happy hour deal.

3. El Jefe

Did someone say $5 frozen margaritas and food? I did. Don't @ me. All house wines are $9 too, which might not be a steal, but El Jefe's $5 happy hour chicken tacos make up for everything. Try getting a seat outside if you can, unless you'd like to do hookah inside at the bar as you drink and stuff your face with chicken tacos. Besides, who doesn't love good chicken tacos and even better drinks?

4. Fresh Salt

Cheap $6 red and white wine and even cheaper beer; that's what Fresh Salt has to offer with their happy hour deals. Pair a glass or two of wine with their SALT sandwich and you'll be golden. Don't forget to get chips on the side if you're going to be drinking lots of wine.

5. Playa Betty's

$6 margaritas after 6pm; usually, they're $12. Talk about one of many amazing happy hour deals, am I right? Pair Playa Betty's drinks with their fish tacos and you'll be all taken care of. Thank me later. Try not to get too drunk, though. Don't be like me and puke after a few too many drinks cause that ain't cute.

#SpoonTip: SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE, please drink responsibly. 

6. Vandal New York

Having been to a Jägermeister event here, I can honestly say that I'm in love with the atmosphere. Vandal's happy hour deals range from $10 drinks to $5 beers to $12 bites to 2 for 1 oysters that clock in at $3. Sweet deals, right? Not as sweet as you, my dear readers. Nice try, though.

Now that you've made it though this article, I hope that you've stopped reading and are heading out to partake in some of these happy hour deals here in New York. After all, you are in the greatest city ever, so drink up to that.