Ever expect a chill night out, but then everyone in the group wants to eat something completely different? I'm pretty sure we've all been there. It's not fun debating over the Italian, Asian, or American restaurant when you already know you just want a burger and fries. Make it easier next time and satisfy all of your cravings in one place.

Exit 4 Food Hall in Mt. Kisco, New York is here to help you in this situation. Whether it be a poke bowl, cauliflower crust pizza, avocado toast, spaghetti with butter, or endless other desires, they've got you covered. Check out their menu to plan your next outing.

It's remarkable how so much variety comes from one kitchen. Not only do they produce great food, but it's high quality, environmentally friendly, innovative, and served in a unique vibe.


As a student, you know that spending money on food can be stressful. If you're going to pay for a nice meal, the experience and taste better not disappoint! Exit 4 ensures that customers eat the freshest, most nutritious of food. Prioritizing the health of their guests, all meat comes from sources with clean labels, such as Lafrieda and Freebird.

Environmentally Friendly 

Dining in, you notice that the restaurant is progressive. At the bar (yes, there are some fun drink options), all wine and beer are stored in kegs, preventing the usage of hundreds of thousands of bottles and cans. The bar does not serve liquor.

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(Photo by Exit 4 Food Hall)

But what if you take out, get delivery, or Grubhub? 95% of your take-out containers will be compatible or reusable, along with a compostable pizza box that can cook or reheat your pizza at 425° F. Clearly, you don't have to worry about your meal harming the planet!

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(Photo by Exit 4 Food Hall)


Wonder what a Mac N Cheese Donut is? Be one of many customers to travel long distances for these gooey treats. You can explore more of the Food Hall's unusual offerings on their new app: "Exit 4 Food Hall."

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(Photo by Exit 4)

One of my personal favorites is the Pistachio Pizza (pictured below.) With the choice of regular wood-fired, cauliflower, skinny (thin), or gluten free crust, you will definitely find the crispiness that you desire.

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Finally, if the food hall concept isn't enough, you can spend the night at home with one of Exit 4's Ready-To-Cook Meals; You got that right, take home one of many prepared dishes and pop it in the oven, on the grill, or on the stove. Voila! You've got restaurant-quality food on your kitchen table within minutes.

Unique Vibe

Inside or outside, you will find a variety of seating options. Indoors, there's dim lighting, music, and a rustic feel. It offers  communal bar height tables, solo bar height tables, and bar seating. Sit here to watch the game or enjoy a drink.

Outdoors is where you can find lower tables and additional communal bar height tables along the town strip. On a nice night, many foodies can be found outside taking pictures of their beautifully crafted dishes. View these on Exit 4's Instagram.

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