The Red Cadillac, located in Union, NJ, is one of the best Mexican restaurants around. It's in such an odd location that you can easily miss it when driving past. But you can spot it easily if you just look for the red Cadillac. They have valet parking, which starts off the evening with a sense of care-free fun and royal treatment. 

While the outside might not look like much, there is no way to prepare you for what lies inside. They have killer food and service that all totally follows the Red Cadillac theme.

The Atmosphere

coffee, beer, pizza
Allison Curley

They take the name quite seriously because the entire restaurant is covered in dark red mood lighting and there are pictures of red Cadillacs from floor to ceiling. There is even a real red Cadillac that sits right outside the front of the restaurant. 

To top it off, the waiters pour water out of fake gas cans and the menu says "start your engines" instead of "appetizers." The commitment to this theme makes the experience even more interesting, and fills the place up with young people looking for a fun night out and great Mexican food

pizza, beer
Allison Curley

Most nights they have live music right in the middle of the restaurant, which really brings out that young and fun atmosphere. Even their radio music hours blast awesome jazz like Amy Winehouse's Help Yourself, which you can check out on their website radio. Their busiest hours are from 7-9pm and they are open as late as 2am, so it's always an option for a great night out. 

The Food

tacos, guacamole, burrito, avocado, chicken, cilantro, salsa
Allison Curley

The Red Cadillac is known for having generous portions, so splitting meals is very popular and best for your wallet. One of my favorite items on the menu is the massive chicken fajitas. They're not too spicy, but they still have lots of flavor and are filled with fresh vegetables.

 I have to say their guacamole is spectacular. They give all customers complementary salsa and a bucket of chips, which are also delicious. However, I am a sucker for guacamole, which you can order for $10 on their menu. This might be pricey, but the key is to go with large groups so that all these costs and large portions can be shared. 

Overall, this is the destination for tacos, tequilas, and lots of fun. I had an awesome time enjoying the music, the food, and the atmosphere. It can be pricey, but it's worth the experience.