Ever want to do something spontaneous and fun, but you're limited because of your budget? For college students especially, money can be tight. Instead of going to The Big Apple for some fun outings, the cheaper option is to head to Suffolk County and/or the East End via the Long Island Railroad.

About a month ago, I decided to do just that. My family and I took a train ride and spent a day in Port Jefferson, which is on the North Shore of Long Island. While exploring all Port Jefferson has to offer, we stumbled upon The Pie

Sights Around The Pie 

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Emily Sauchelli

The village of Port Jefferson is a great place to visit for those who love a cool sea breeze and small-town charm. In Port Jefferson, specifically on Main Street, there are a bunch of sights to see. Whether it be the restaurants, historic landmarks, or the popular ferry ride that goes back and forth from Port Jeff to Bridgeport, there is plenty to do.

The Pie of Port Jefferson

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Emily Sauchelli

This Port Jefferson Pizza hotspot is a hit or miss for those not familiar with the area. My family and I were searching on the restaurant review app yelp for some guidance on places to eat in the village when we stumbled upon it. We probably would have missed it if we didn't search in the area.

Once we arrived at The Pie, it did not take long to be served. In fact, it was quick and easy to find a table right away. Before I even started perusing the menu, I was taking in all the beautiful decor; around the booths, in the lights, and on the walls. 

Rustico Pizza (What I Ate) 

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Emily Sauchelli

Finally, I looked at the menu and chose pizza for lunch. Specifically, sausage, broccoli rabe, garlic, red peppers with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. It was divine! I never had anything like it before. The Pie creates all of its pizza and dishes using high quality, fresh ingredients.

The Pie has a variety of coal-fired pizza on their menu. Besides the Rustico Pizza, my family and I ordered the classic Margherita pie, as well as the House Salad. The classic is just as tasty as the other types of pizza variations they serve. The Pie delivers top notch fresh salads, homemade desserts and a variety of entree selections, including House Specials. 

The Atmosphere

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Emily Sauchelli

The location, a walk down from the Marina, is ideal for anyone walking around the village or coming off a breezy boat ride. Throughout the meal, our waitress did a great job making sure our waters were filled to the brim, we had enough napkins and we were pleased with our food. Overall, it was such an enjoyable dining experience!